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Seven Possible Flaws in Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has made a niche for itself in a relatively very short span of time. It had been launched in the year 2010 but came into prominence from 2012 onwards.

Instagram now feels immensely proud to have over 500 million active users every day. Today it has become the second-most favorite social media platform across the globe after only Facebook.

Instagram has a lot to offer to the marketers looking to promote their brands.

Make the most of the Instagram, not only because of its huge user base, comprising over 500 million active users, but also because it ensures a far more visual and effective form of storytelling.

Instagram also boasts a more involved and passionate following for your products and brands. However, you just cannot chill out after simply creating an account or posting from time to time.

Instagram success is a more serious business and requires a consistent effort and 100% dedication. In reality, many marketers are unable to generate any sort of momentum.

There are many reasons why your marketing campaign fails on Instagram. Here are some of the common flaws in your Instagram marketing strategy.

1. You Need to Stand Out from the Rest

You simply cannot succeed in your marketing campaigns if you have failed to differentiate. You must post something unique. Only then you would succeed.

Only those individuals and marketers have been proved to be successful on Instagram who have posted something unique.

You must realize that there are countless brands on Instagram. Numerous of them seem to be in direct competition with you from the points of view of the industry, as well as, the target audience.

So you need to post something really fascinating and unique otherwise, you would fail to generate an audience. You may visit for all your Instagram solutions.

2. Wrong Timing

Timing is a key factor on this social media platform. Instagram’s newsfeed algorithm just got modified from being completely time-oriented to being relevance-based. However, your posts should be timed appropriately.

Remember to post videos and images of events as and when they are happening and it would be great if you post them exactly when users are supposed to be most active such as in the mornings and at noon time during the weekdays.

3. You Are Not Following Photography Best Practices

Instagram is highly popular because of a really manageable learning curve.

However, it is still very much a visual platform which is catering chiefly to visuals and videos. You must learn and apply the basic photography rules and practices if you desire to be successful on this platform.

You must learn to use all the relevant Instagram editing tools and filters. Develop and improve your photography skills over time.

4. You Are Failing to Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are known to be a really powerful tool for making your content more visible and easily found by users who have not been following you as yet.

However, it is pretty common to use hashtags inappropriately or going overboard with them.

You must really understand the underlying meaning of the hashtags before you actually decide to use them. Remember to use only a few hashtags at a particular time.

5. Inadequate Interaction with Your Followers

Remember effective content tactics should always be concentrating and emphasizing on your end users. Instagram is not the platform for the purely self-centered campaign only dedicated to promoting purely your own material.

You must relate to and interact with your users.

Listen to them and respond to all their comments timely. You must go about engaging with their posts. You would end up getting more and more followers if you are constantly and consistently being interactive.

6. You Are Inconsistent

You need to be pretty consistent if you are looking for user retention. It is simply not enough if you are posting only once every now and then or only if and when you desire to.

You need to be regular if you wish to succeed.

Post at least, once daily so that your users are sufficiently entertained and fully aware of your specific products and brand.

7. You Do Not Have Any Revenue-Driving Approach

Instagram is usually regarded as a fun platform. You feel excited to post images and get so many likes. But you need to generate meaningful revenue for the organization.

Your campaign must be related to some sort of value or goal. Your objectives could be building more trust for your brand or even attracting more traffic to your website.


Never lose hope and dedication.

Always keep in mind that irrespective of how much effort you have put in toward researching Instagram or how great you are at photography, your Instagram marketing campaign would not be so effective in the very beginning.

It really takes time for building a following and it would take even longer to develop and hone your skills.

You have lots to do like making relevant adjustments in your strategy, experimenting with new opportunities and gradually enhancing your overall campaign strategy.

You need to keep focusing on hard data. Always aim high and keep moving upwards and onwards.