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Best Practices to Develop Service Landing Pages

Designing killer service landing pages which will lead to a noticeably bigger number of conversions may seem a daunting task.

A killer page also drastically boosts the number of user-data signups (email addresses, etc.), thus allowing you to more successfully market to leads.

By designing service landing pages, you enable your client’s business to earn more money, thereby making you look like a genius in the eyes of your client.

Landing pages, done well, are pure power in e-commerce. It is a direct path to gain more conversions and sales, which is the only reason of building a website in the first place. The better you get at it, the more clients you’ll get.

Some practices that may be followed while designing service landing pages are as follows:

Service Landing Pages: Trustworthy Testimonials


Credibility is crucial when selling on the Internet, which is why it is recommend to include testimonials from important people on your client’s landing page.

Ideally, they should be satisfied customers of your client’s business, who can therefore then provide a positive testimonial of how good your product or service was.

These will raise conversion rates. In fact, Visual Website Optimizer referenced a case study where WikiJob added testimonials to its landing page—resulting in a 34% increase in conversions after A/B testing the original page and the new one!

Specific examples like this are golden because they reveal how powerful testimonials really are on selling landing pages.

Service Landing Pages: Eliminate Extra Fields


Friction is what stands in the way of conversions. It is a designer or developer job is to eliminate this friction as much as possible on a landing page.

The few fields in a form immediately stand out as pros on this landing page because shorter forms are associated with a greater conversion rate.

In a case study, Marketo found that its web form with just five fields had a conversion rate of 13.4%, yet when it added one more field for six in total, the conversion rate dropped to 12%!


Service Landing Pages

Always remember though: Keep in mind that shorter forms do produce more leads, but longer forms produce higher-quality leads.

Service Landing Pages: Directional cues


Directional cues on service landing page are elements like arrows or even people looking in a certain direction.

They provide that extra motivation to site visitors to convert by performing the action in the call to action button. It is reported that directional cues are a proven factor in boosting conversions and sales on pages.

The location of a directional cue should be in the best place possible: right in the actual call to action button.

This increases the effectiveness of the call to action since it offers an additional push to get site visitors to click on the button.

Service Landing Pages: Impact on Headlines


Service Landing Pages

It’s pretty clear that the purpose of the landing page you design is to grab the attention of buyers, so they can click through to a product or service selling landing page or leave their important contact info.

Well, another sure way to create a landing page is by including killer headlines. Headlines make an impact, but they don’t have to be long. In fact, some of the shortest ones are the most effective (remember that people don’t really read on the web).

When coming up with the headline, play around a typical sentiment that many people relate to and enjoy.

When you do and produce high-converting service landing pages your business will look great, boost your reputation, and enjoy happy clients.

What more could you ask for? It’s true that designers are always under pressure to deliver landing pages for their clients that have good conversion rates.

With these tips—all of which are based on sound research, evidence, and case studies—you can deliver a selling landing page design to your client that’s going to convert at a far higher rate than what the average designer produces.