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5 Key Service Landing Page Elements

Every service provider needs to have an effective and efficient service landing page  to succeed online. (Read how to create an effective service landing page)

Online competition is stiff and getting visitors to come to your website and convert them is even more demanding. However, with the right landing page elements, you are assured of success.

In determining the elements necessary for an effective landing page, one must know the true intention of the page. It should seamlessly offer valid information on the topic a client chooses and lead them through to what they need to know.

  1. Service Landing Page: Tell Them How You Do It

Being honest about what you offer, state it and make it easy for clients to know exactly what they want to know. A business websites landing page needs to offer all information in black and white.

Let clients decide if your services are exactly what they are looking for. Put details out there and explain fully what your line of business is to avoid wasting your clients and your time too.

Let them know what the package holds and let them decide what they want. All this is achieved by a landing page that has the following to back you up.

  • 1. 250-500 words explaining the content,
  • 2. Testimonials from clients
  • 3. A list of related case studies.
  • 4. Client friendly customs.

To truly understand this, let us dig a little deeper;

  1. Service Landing Page: Be brief

This should make it easier for your clients to browse through what you have to offer. Make it an easy read highlighting your best services, what you are truly good at.

Let your strengths be captured here, a little spice is needed though if you feel it necessary. This should capture the attention of the website visitors. Make it worth your while and their money and time.

  1. Service Landing Page: Social proof

Clients like knowing what other previous clients have to say about your product. By featuring a testimonial or two on the page, it will build faith in clients to do business with you or venture into what you are advertising.

A happy customer makes booming business.

  1. Service Landing Page: Give your proof


Service Landing Page


Now that you have got the trust of the website guest, prove to them using a referral page what you have done. Let them know the value of your work.

Provide them a case study of one satisfactory product you have sold and let them be the judge of your work. Let them appreciate what you do and make them know you are up to par with your work. Let them learn to trust your expertise.

  1. Service Landing Page: A buyer-friendly call-to-action


Service Landing Page

This is the last step in knowing whether you just got the link or not. Make the client feel comfortable with you. Build a connection with them and see if they are willing. Give them an option to back-out, do not push too much.

Remember it is better for them to say no and come back later remembering how polite you were rather than accept and back out later. Be on your best behavior.

Clients need to be taken slow, too much pushing and the jump right out of the deal. Show interest but not too pushy and with no time you will be smiling all the way to the bank.