Hot Tips To Align Your SEO Strategy To Google’s New SERP Layout

Google search engine results page (SERP) shows the result of a SERP feature that is not considered a traditional organic result. SERP features may range from:

a. Rich snippets - to existing results they add a visual layer.

b. Paid results - they are purchased upon bidding on keywords.

c. Universal results - they appear as an addition to organic results.

d. Knowledge graph data - this will make its appearance as panels or boxes.

Search engine results pages can be defined as webpages that are served to users in the course of their search for items online using a search engine such as google. A query is presented then the search engine provides a SERP.

The SERP is always unique even though the exact query, search engine and keyword is reused.

This is because all search engines customize to improve the users experience by using additional information beyond the query like location, browser history and social setting.

The SERP may seem similar but are different in actual sense. The current SERP also differs greatly from its predecessors.

Organic Results


SERP typically contains content as either ‘organic’ results or paid results.

• Organic results are identified as listings of webpages that will present themselves as results of the algorithm used by the search engine.

SEOs have the purpose of helping websites and their content rank high. There are three primary classifications of internet searches; informational, navigational and transactional.

• Informational searches can be defined as searches where one intends to find information on a particular topic. The search in this case has little to no commercial intent.

• Navigational queries are typically used to locate certain websites especially for situations where one cannot remember the URL to another site.

• Transactional searches are those in which the results especially paid have a high likelihood of being displayed on the SERP. The searches have high commercial

Paid Results


These are those that are displayed as an advertiser has paid for this to happen. The ads can be in various formats that will suit the needs of the advertiser.

Ranking Signals and Search Algorithms




Ranking signals are at times used for organic listings indexed by search engines. Search engines use a variety of ranking factors for the algorithm that are not exactly common knowledge.

The factors considered important during ranking vary within the algorithm with the passing of time.

Search Engine Optimization



This is when websites are optimized as well as web pages so that discovery is possible in search engine. This is possible through particular techniques that is ‘on-page’ SEO to ‘off-page’.

‘On-page’ SEO. This are the practices that are performed by web creators or site owners to ensure their content is easily found.

They are discovered by taking advantage of metadata, keywords, important headings and sub headings clean HTML code etc.

‘Off-page’ SEO. These are essentially strategies that will impact the site as a whole. Some of the off-stage techniques involve actions such as link building and exchange, content marketing, search engine indexes and social bookmarking.

SEO has the main purpose of ensuring high rankings are received based on an organic perspective.

Businesses may pay for professional help to help increase their performance and ensure the ranking remains high during an organic search.



Pay-per-click marketing defers from SEO in that it has its focus set on the investment of advertising budget so that a high position on search engine result pages can be achieved. Strategies must be created that will help with arriving at set goals.

Paid searches work in a manner that can be compared to an auction. There is a bid that is done for the keywords that would best suit your particular business.

The keywords are triggered whenever a search is done using the terms. There are conditions that will determine if the ad will be displayed on SERP.

Some advertisers will prefer to control their ads and only make them accessible when mobile phones are used and others will prove contrary and exclude phones. Some adverts will carry extensions while others won’t.

Tools That Will Help One Succeed With Google SERP Features




Good search performance demands more than good ranking when it comes to organic results.

Below are some of the tolls that have been known to improve the existent listings and help one appear in other places on pages showing search results.

There is continuous changes when it comes to google. Some of the factors that are now found in SERPs are now losing importance while emergent features are facing constant reintroduction. Google has made visible impacts especially in the search marketing area.

Focus should not always be limited to the site only. Ranking is not as useful if the other participants in your niche provide low quality content.

For one to have a competitive advantage in the SEO field, one should first obtain professional help or tools that will help work on your SERP features.

What are some of the tools to help sharpen your SEO?

Yotpo’s Search Enhancements


This is especially useful to those who are majorly in the field of e-commerce. It helps with the integration of reviews into a site so that it can receive more SERP visibility. It has feature that can improve on SERP such as;

Inline SEO which touches on the web content through inclusion of reviews. It has the main function of providing a wide variety of keywords that can be used for ranking and providing online store fresh information.

Yotpo inline SEO. It is used when it comes to google product listing ads. By its use, Yotpo will help display product ratings that help the listing differ from that of the competition.

Rich snippets. Online businesses will be visible through use of Yotpo on SERPs with the help of reviews and rich snippets rating.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool


Structured data will help label the data present on a particular website to make the site appealing to google.

Furthermore, it will improve on the visibility of the site thus increase the site’s traffic. It is not a must for one to use structured data but it recommended that one uses it.

A data testing tool is provided by google so that one is informed if there is anything out of place to make fixing of errors faster process.

Data Highlighter


This is a tool that shows google how the website data is to be structured. Data fields can be tagged then google is able to properly display the site while taking advantage of many SERP features. An example is Google data highlighter.

Schema-friendly WordPress Themes


To ease SEO activities, one can take advantage of free WordPress themes that have built in schema mark up.

During blog creation, it is important to conduct comparisons with other site so as to determine what works best for you.

Schema Markup WordPress Plugins


These plugins are such as schema app structured data, schema WordPress plugin and WordPress rich snippets.

Moz Pro’s Advanced SERP feature Tracking


This is a tool that develops awareness on the existing SERP feature environment. They have claims that the tracking tool has the best data in the market.

The tool supports the analysis of items such as snippets, articles, site links etc.