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10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try in Marketing

Having the best SEO tools at your disposal is very important especially to a marketer. SEO tools help you in creating your marketing strategy and landing pages thus making your work a little bit easier.

There are very many SEO tools in the market right now but I will give you a list of the 10 best SEO tools I have come across.

Yoast SEO


This is a WordPress plugin that was created by Joost De Valk. It is easy to use and can be utilized by both highly advanced SEO users and those new to SEO tools. If you need help in optimizing your blog post for Google then Yoast is the best tool for you.

The only thing you have to do as user is to type in the keyword and Yoast will generate a checklist that will inform you on exactly what needs to be changed so as to properly optimize your post for SEO.

This tool also gives you a snippet preview which can be used to see how your blog post will look like exactly on the search engine.

Yoast also allows you to set the image that will appear when your article is shared on social media platforms.

This app has so many other features that will help you with your blog posts or any other marketing campaign.

All in One SEO


This is also a WordPress plugin that works similarly to the Yoast SEO tool. The only major difference between All in One SEO and Yoast SEO is that All in One does not have a checklist.

All other feature found in Yoast can be found on All in One SEO as well thus making it a great alternative in the event that your site has some issues integrating with the Yoast SEO.

Google Keyword Planner


This is an amazing tool to get keywords that are acceptable on the Google search engine. This SEO tool allows you to get keywords by just inputting a seed keyword and then the keyword generator comes up with a list of keywords for you automatically.


SEO Tools


It will also provide you with the approximate number of monthly searches from those specific keywords. This tool is a must-have for marketers and bloggers who want to increase their organic search rankings.

KW Finder


KW Finder helps you to know the exact number of monthly searches and also how competitive the keyword is on the search engine organic search.

The tool is also very easy to use and actually the best word finder for beginners. The only thing you are required to do is to type a seed keyword and KW Finder will do the rest.

It will generate a list of keywords for you, give you the exact number or monthly searches and also how competitive the keywords are on a scale of 1-100.

The information you will get is accurate thus making it the best to use for the basis of your organic keyword search campaign.



This SEO tool is amazing and for good reason too. It has so many useful features which include the following:

• It allows you to see your competitor’s best keyword

• It allows you to discover new organic competitors

• This tools makes it possible for you to see changes in position of domains

• You can also conduct a deep backlink analysis using SEMRush

• This tool allows you to find the best keywords for your PPC and SEO campaigns

• The tool allows you to gather related keywords and phrase matches

•It also allows you to get long-tailed keywords

• With SEMRush you are able to find the keywords with the least competition

• The tool can estimate they keyword difficulty instantly.

If you had not yet started using this SEO tool I suggest that you strongly consider getting it right now.



Ahrefs works quite similarly to SEMRush. This tool has gotten very many good reviews and for good reason. It has amazing features which include the following:

• Allows you to get a deep backlink profile for any URL of your choice

• It allows you to analyze your competitor’s search traffic

• You are also able to discover the most popular content for any topic using Ahrefs

• This tool allows you to see every site that is linked to a particular content so that you can be able to create a list of outreach targets

• This tool is also an amazing position tracker

• You are also able to identify any SEO issues related to your site with Ahrefs

If you don’t want to use SEMRush then Ahrefs is the best alternative.

Google Search Console


SEO Tools


This SEO tool allows you to check out how your campaigns are performing. It has a number of features that are really helpful which include the following:

• The SEO tool allows you to submit a sitemap for your website

• It allows you to see the number of clicks and impressions your site is getting from Google

• It also allows you to see a list of the keywords you are ranked for and which position you occupy

• You are allowed to check if your content has been indexed by Google

• The SEO tool will send you a notification in case of any security issues Google might have with your site
I would recommend that you get this SEO tool if you don’t already have it.



This SEO tool does similar work to Ahrefs and SEMRush. This tool comes with an amazing Google Chrome Plugin known as Majestic Backlink Analyzer that helps you any web link you are on and see who is linked to that particular article.

Keywords Everywhere


This is another amazing Google Chrome extension that gives you the number of monthly searches a keyword gets and how competitive it is.

The data given might not be as accurate as KW Finder and SEMRush but it’s still an amazingly easy tool to use and also quite helpful.



SEO Tools


This is an SEO tool that offers you so much more than you had bargained for. The following are some of the features that are offered Buzzsumo:

• It allows you to analyze the shared content and see which is performing best.

• The tool also enables you to get alerts for domain, authors and keywords even from your competitors

• You are also able to get the key influencers for any topic

• It has an amazing feature called “view share” which allows you to see who tweeted a specific piece of content, the number of people who follow him/her and how often these followers retweet this individual’s tweets.

This enables you to find people with influence on Twitter and thus get in contact with them to help you in your campaigns.

The above tools are just a few of the amazing SEO tools available right now in the market. They will help you in your SEO campaigns and blog posts and am sure you will be grateful once you use one if not all these tools.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.