SEO Keywords

3 Secrets to Selecting Great and Effective SEO Keywords

Keywords are the base of Search Engine Optimization. People are always looking for information, products and services online. Internet searches are the first choice they make for the same.

Owing to accurate results and in many situations relevant results, search engines are deemed to be very reliable. That’s also the reason why they are commonly used by businesses and marketers all over the world.

The point of every promotional activity in search engines is to connect searches with your website. Your business’ presence in search engines is bounded with the keywords.

Knowing which specific SEO keywords people use to find your product or information about your services, makes it easier for them to find you.

Being easier to find for keywords specific to your business is becoming more visible in search engines.

This translates into achieving higher website’s positions for keywords, having a larger share in overall clicks from the search engines results page, and bringing in more traffic and users that are interested in your offer. This means new customers; new customers mean more business.

How to Research SEO Keywords for Your online Strategy

SEO Keywords Tip #1: Build a list of Keywords Connected to your Business


SEO Keywords


Write down keywords and phrases, that you think are suitable to promote your website online. It’s about what keywords are most commonly used by the people who find businesses like yours.

Researching for the most commonly used keywords will give you an idea of what to look for. Another wise way to come up with keyword ideas is to figure out which keywords your website is getting found for.

To do this, you'll need website analytics software like Google Analytics. Investigate your website's traffic sources, and sift through your organic search traffic to identify the keywords people are using to arrive at your site.

SEO Keywords Tip #2: Analyze your Competition


Analyzing what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for is a great way to evaluate your own list of keywords.

If your competitor is ranking for certain keywords that are also on your list, you should definitely work on improving your ranking for those.

However, also incorporate the ones your competitors are ignoring. This could be a great opportunity for you to own market share on important terms.

You can also check how much competition your chosen keywords have. Type some of the keywords of your choice and look what results will be shown to you.

Check if your competitors offer is available and look if the sponsored links of similar offers will appear.

SEO Keywords Tip #3: Use Keywords Tools


SEO Keywords


Google Keyword Research provided by Google AdWords advertising platform is a good tool to use. It will provide information about keywords and phrases that people use as search queries to find your product.

You will also gain the knowledge of which phrases are irrelevant to your offer. You can also use Google Trends that can help you determine which terms are trending upward, and are thus worth more of your focus.

There are other tools on the market like Bing Ads Intelligence. So what SEO keywords are the best for you?

Summing up everything for you here, you should use those keywords which are—

1. Relevant to your business

2. Provide higher traffic volume

3. Have low competition

4. Provide good conversion rates

5. Engage customers more and more



Don’t forget to keep optimizing your website and your content. Also, keep a track of these optimizations and keep expanding your keywords list. It’s never too bad to keep improving.

SEO is a major component of your marketing scheme. The key part of it is that it’s completely organic. Therefore you need to be very careful in choosing your keywords here.

Because you’re not being sponsored here as in paid search marketing nor are you getting exclusively displayed anywhere. It’s the play of your keywords. Be very certain about them.

Along with the keywords, don’t forget to be unique and attractive. Make your display attractive and use phrases that are catchy. Don’t let go on the creativity.

Once you have these things in place, you can be sure to drive in a lot of visitors to your site, not to mention many potential customers too.