landing pages for your email marketing campaigns

Send Your Email Marketing Strategy To The Next Level With Lander

With so much focus on social-media marketing, it’s easy to get carried away with the hype and to overlook one fundamental truth. Targeted emails are still the most effective online method for converting prospects into customers and clients.

But how do you maximize the performance of these in-box bulletins? The answer is simple: integrate your email application with a visitor-centered landing page to create the seamless sales and data funnel your organization needs.

Landing Pages

Enhance your engagement

On their own, email apps like Doppler, MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact already offer you a host of easy-to-use features. Like free HTML email templates, real-time reports, and control panels so you can manage your account and campaign preferences.

But if you’re sending your emails to disinterested people, or driving these people to destinations that disappoint their expectations, all the functionality in the world won’t deliver the results you want.
It’s here that integration with a dedicated landing-page creation app comes into its own.

Platforms like Lander enable you to quickly and easily create highly focused landing pages that drive visitors to want to actively engage with your brand.

Collect, compile, convert

You can use these pages to collect the data you need to compile your email lists. Certain apps make the whole process so easy. Lander, for example, automatically pushes new leads to your email app, and can even send you an email alert for each new lead captured.

Or you can use these pages as the places you send the people on your email lists. Lander makes it easy to create a tailored landing page for each segment of your email list. And to A/B test up to three versions of each separate landing page, optimizing your chances of converting