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‘Tis The Season of Lander Promotional Offers

It's the season of giving, to show a gesture of appreciation for a great year at Lander, we have launched 25 Days of Curated Promotional Offers which give up to 50% off (you read that right :lol:)!    Take full advantage of this season's phenomenal Lander Promotional Offers!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season of Lander Promotional Offers
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Redeem 50% Off Your Lander Account for a Whole Year!

Get your online marketing goals with Lander at half the cost and double the conversions all year long. Promotion ends on December 25th, 2018.

Jump into the fray with this once-in-a-lifetime deal because it won't last long!

All of the Lander Promotional Offers Plans Feature:

Auto-Fill Forms

Your forms will be automatically completed by remembering any relevant user information filled out in previous forms. Increase your conversion rate by 150% - 200%!

Email Integration

Want to know who’s converting on your landing page in real time? Just add the email addresses of those who need to know in the integrations section of the editor.


Know where your visitors are converting – and where they’re getting stuck. Just plug in Google Analytics by adding your Analytics account number and you’re set!

Welcome Email

Welcome your awesome subscribers with a warm email gift: reward them with a discount coupon, or send them a free eBook by using Lander’s Welcome Email.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Create a landing page for any campaign, product, segment or anything you can think of – no limits, no problem, build as many Landing Pages as you need.

Confirmation Page

When’s the best time to upsell your customers? Right after they click the “buy” button. Use our Confirmation Pages to upsell them or get them to take any other action. Or simply thank them for the transaction!

Mobile Version

Almost 80% of your visitors use mobile phones – make them feel at home with our mobile-ready landing pages. Reduce bounce rate and increase your conversions!

...this list is never ending...

Conversion Analytics Tracking

Track your conversions over time using our Conversion Chart. See day-to-day trends, seasonal highs and lows, and conversion spikes.

Layouts and Templates

Choose from one of our pre-designed landing page templates from five different categories: Products & Services, Coming Soon, Webinars & Events, Bio & Portfolio and E-Commerce.

Google Fonts

Get creative with beautiful (and FREE) Google Fonts. Choose from an array of eye-catching styles and test them to see which font converts the best.


Create a sense of urgency is a great way to amp up the conversions. Our ticking clock will provide the motivation your prospects need to ‘act now’.

Google Maps

Inviting folks to an event? Got a big sale at your store? Lead your prospects straight to your door by easily embedding Google Maps into your landing page.


Your online shoppers can have an easy, quick and convenient way to pay and checkout right from your page.

Enjoy this amazing opportunity to make use of this season's Lander Promotional Offers!

Redeem 50% Off Your Lander Account for a Whole Year!

With best wishes for the upcoming holidays!

Your's truly,

Krishna ShastryCEO @ Lander