Search Engine Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

Search Engine Marketing Guide: 9 Steps to Grow your Business

If you followed our blog throughout the last year you probably noticed that we had placed a lot of emphasis on one huge and important topic: Search Engine Marketing.

We created 9 different chapters that explains step by step how to run and set up a successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign whether you’re a Small Businesses, or even if you don’t have any experience on the SEM field at all.

So we've decided to compile all of these posts into one simple Ebook so you can download it and keep it handy for whenever you may decide to launch a PPC campaign. Is it time to step out and bring some real growth to your business? Well, if so, grab your free copy here!

How is this Search Engine Marketing Guide is Going to Help me with my SEM Results?

Ok, that’s a fair question. If you still have any doubts as to “why” you should download this Free Ebook, take a look at just some of the reasons why you should, and how this Search Engine Marketing guide will help you in a big way!

A.Understanding your Audience

You’ll learn how to identify and understand your Target Audience by developing and creating the perfect Persona for your business.

B.How to do a Keyword Research

Learn how to identify the way your target audience searches online. You’ll be able to find the optimum keywords that your online customers are using daily in their searches.

C.Get started with Google Places

This is one of the most lucrative locations that you can establish for your business. Learn how to setup and use your Google Places account.

D.Test and Measure your SEM Campaigns

Once your PPC campaign is running it’s time to test and measure your work to see the results. Learn how to identify and analyze your SEM campaign’s performance.

Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn in Each Chapter

Chapter 1. Goals

Search Engine Marketing Goals

Before you set up your PPC campaigns you’ll need to identify some of your SEM Goals. There are different types of  goals that you’ll want to consider before starting and we've listed some of those objectives you’ll want to focus on  below:


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increasing Traffic
  • Drive Sales
  • Drive subscribers to their mailing list
  • Gain followers on social media


This first chapter will teach you exactly which of these SEM goals will best suite your business and objectives.

Chapter 2. Target Audience

Your Target AudienceBefore you do anything else: before you conduct keyword research, or write an ad, before you launch a PPC campaign, or build a landing page, you’ll need to understand your target audience. When we mention or talk about our Target Audience what we’re talking about is the concept of the Buyer Persona.  In this chapter you’ll learn how to pick, research and target your niche the right way that brings the best results.

Chapters 3. Keyword Research

How to Research Your Way to Keyword Success

Developing a buyer persona is just one step on the road to converting a hypothetical persona to a real-life customer. One of the most important things you can do is to identify with your customers and understand exactly how they conduct their online search. In this chapter you’ll be able to discover quickly certain keywords that your online customer are using frequently.

Chapter 4.  Advertising Channel

How to Find the Perfect Advertising ChannelThe invaluable research you perform on your target personas will also determine where you will need to advertise. This chapter will explain exactly how to find the perfect advertising channel, so based upon your customers you’ll know with clarity if you’ll have to use Google Adwords, Bing ads, or maybe even Linkedin ads. Also you’ll read about YouTube advertising, and even private deals with niche blogs or websites.

Chapter 5. Mechanics of a PPC campaign

How to Run a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Once you've chosen where you’ll be advertising, it will benefit you to know how the advertising is going to work. This fifth chapter will explain to you in detail how Pay-Per-Click works.  Also you’ll read about the difference between campaigns, Ad Groups, and ads; the importance of quality score; bidding, and even landing page quality.

Chapter 6. Mechanics of SEO

How to Do SEO The Right Way

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to be found in organic search results on search engines. We’ll cover how simple SEO really is, and how your Small Business can take advantage of it in a big way.

Chapter 7. Mechanics of Google Places

How to Get Started with Google Places

Google Places is increasingly becoming the main vehicle your clients are using to discover your store, In this chapter we’ll cover how to establish a presence on Google maps, and how to use it to drive visitors who are looking for your type of business into becoming your customer.

Chapter 8. Testing and Measuring

Test and Measure Your Way to Search Engine Marketing Success

If you’re not continuously testing your Search Engine Marketing, and measuring your results, you’re throwing good money after bad. That’s why this chapter will cover exactly how you can test test and measure your way to search engine marketing success.

Chapter 9. Convert your Prospects into Customers

How to Convert your Prospects into CustomersFinally, you’ll need to begin converting all of those visitors that you've attracted through your combined SEM efforts. Conversion is the last, if not the most important piece of the puzzle. In this final chapter you’ll read about how you can maximize conversions on your landing pages so that you can actually drive more sales, subscribers and followers, and let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about right!?

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Search Engine Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

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