5 Greatest Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

5 Great & Inspiring Sample Landing Pages

Creating a beautiful, high converting landing pages is not rocket science. But it’s not a piece of cake either. The truth about creating the best landing page is to keep testing.

There are very few things about landing pages that are set in stone; others can all be tested and changed to see what works the best.

It’s true that even the best sample landing pages can be made better. Savvy marketers keep doing A/B testing on the different aspects of  landing pages to find out what works best for them.

Take the length for example. Both short and long lengths of the page are shown to increase conversion rates. So what will work for you?

Answer: It depends and the best way to find out is through testing.

Here are 5 of the best sample landing pages that you can get inspiration from.

Sample Landing Pages #1: Unbounce

5 Greatest And Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

The first spot goes to the creators of one of the best landing page courses, Unbounce. There are many great things about this landing page that make it so effective and high converting but the two things that we especially like are:

• The directional cue towards the CTA button
• The detailed information below the form that not only let users know more information about the course but also gives them an SEO boost

Sample Landing Pages #2: Trulia

5 Greatest Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

Trulia keeps things simple yet clever. They give their visitors value from the get-go without asking too much too soon. Plus, they set their visitors expectations about what will happen as a result of getting this report.

Their minimal landing page asks for only an address and the clever form label “Enter an address” makes it less creepy than something like “Your address”. Plus, the hero image behind the form not only makes the page beautiful but also emphasizes that the estimate will be personalized to your home.

5 Greatest & Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

By keeping attention ratio at 1:1, there is a high chance of having a visitor convert. Once they submit the address, they are taken to another form asking for more information. On submission, they get a free report delivered to their inbox while the company generates a valuable lead.

Sample Landing Pages #3: Zendesk

5 Greatest & Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

The goal of this landing page is to get visitors sign up for a free trial. They are assuming the visitors are in the consideration stage in the buying funnel . At the end there is no generic information about what kind of software it is and what benefits it offers.


Rather, the goal is simple => get visitors sign up for a free account. By keeping distractions minimal and reducing friction, this landing page is built for conversions.

Samples Landing Pages #4: Manpacks

5 Greatest & Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

Most things on this landing page are great but what stand out is:

• Headline and copy that make it clear what it is and what it offers.
• Set of logos of publications that have endorsed this service – this builds trust.
• Set of testimonials – builds trust.
• Appealing design that trigger response
• Grey monotone that makes the CTA button pop out.

In this landing page, they have used a seductive headline to catch the attention of their visitors and to make them curious. Although it doesn’t make the idea immediately clear but it does make a person curious and catch his attention.


While there is nothing bad about it, testing for another headline that explains the purpose will help determine what will work better for them.

Sample Landing Pages #5: FluidSurveys


5 Greatest & Inspiring Landing Pages Samples

What’s best about this landing page is the headline that makes it clear in an instant what this product is and what it offers. The copy underneath the headline backs it up and gives a clear understanding of the core benefits of the product.

Plus, the choice of images let the visitor know without reading anything else that the product can produce mobile-friendly polls as well.

The set of logos and testimonial build trust – though they could add a label on top of logos to explain what they are. The footer navigation could also be removed to reduce distraction and friction.

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