Sales Page VS Squeeze Page

Sales Page VS Squeeze Page: Which One Should You Use?

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page: It is important to understand that both do not mean the same thing. You have to understand the difference between the two in order to reap the most from them.

What is a Sales Page?


This is also known as a sales landing page. It usually contains sales copy which is often in long copy.

It also contains testimonials, a number of CTAs which do not lead to another page but they lead users directly to purchase, to sign up or other conversion forms.

A sales page usually contains information about the product or service you are selling, and is usually designed to guide a customer through a shorter version of a sales funnel so as to generate trust.

These pages do not have links or menus that lead visitors away from the page but there are exceptional cases in which this happens.

What is a Squeeze Page?


This is a page which is usually created with the main aim of encouraging users to share their email addresses in an opt-in database.

This page does not have any links taking users away from it. The copy on this type of web page is usually short and most of the information contained in it is found above the fold.

A squeeze page usually offers its users a free offering if they give out their information. A squeeze page also contains one CTA of each form. What are the differences?

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Difference #1:  Copy


Sales Page vs Squeeze Page


A sales page copy is usually long with information about the product or service that a company is selling while the copy contained in a squeeze page is usually short and only contains information about the offer that the company is giving to their prospects.

The copy contained in the sales page is generally used to generate trust while that of a squeeze page is designed to solicit users to share their contact information.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Difference #2:  CTA Buttons


A sales page usually contains multiple CTAs which take users to a number of different conversion forms while a squeeze page only contains one CTA button which takes the user to a data capture form.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Difference #3:  Offers


A squeeze page offers its users free gifts and bonuses so as to entice them to share their contact information but a sales page does not offer its users incentives since those users who have reached this far are serious about making a purchase.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Difference #4:  Users


A sales page is created with the main purpose of building trust between the users and the company website so that they may agree to make a conversion either by making a purchase or any other conversion while a squeeze page is actually designed to coerce visitors to share their email addresses by using free gifts and bonuses.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Difference #5:  Purpose


A sales page is used for promoting sales campaigns by taking users through a short version of a sales funnel while a squeeze page is a marketing page that promotes a marketing campaign.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page Similarities


Sales Page vs Squeeze Page



Both sales pages and squeeze pages have no links that direct users away from them to other pages or websites.

Both squeeze pages and sales pages aim to build trust with their customers using various different ways.

Sales Page vs Squeeze Page: How to Create Each

Sales Page: The Headline


It should demand attention and outline the promises you company is making to you clients.

You have to make sure that the headline you use for your sales page is enticing enough to make visitors want to stay on your page to read the rest of the content in your page.

The headline must tell the users what exactly they should expect to get when they open your page.

Sales Page: The First Paragraph Should Be Persuasive


Ones the headline attracts the visitors to open your page it’s important that you give them something that will make them want to read the rest of the information on your page.

Ensure that you utilize your first paragraphs on your sales page to establish a rapport with your prospects and re-emphasize the promises you made on your headline.

Ensure that the first paragraph of your sales page wets the user’s appetite for more information that you will share with them on the page.

Sales Page: Social Proof


Sales Page vs Squeeze Page


You should let your prospects know that you are an expert in your industry so as to build trust.

You can achieve this by including your achievements as a company in your field and all adding customer testimonials that show how they benefitted from using your product.

This will help to increase the level of trust that prospects have in your business and also the product you are selling.

Squeeze page

Squeeze Page: Make an Offer That Matches the Medium


It is important to ensure that the offer you are giving your prospects in exchange for their email address matches the reason for asking for this information.

You have to make sure that the free offer that you are giving them can only be transferred via email. These offers can include PDF files and email course videos.

Squeeze Page: Give Less Than What You Think Is Best


It is important that you give your prospects enough content that they can absorb rather than just giving them too much information which will end up being of no value to them because they will not read it.

You should display your information in the simplest way possible so as to entice the reader to want to take you up on your offer.

Squeeze Page: Reduce Form Fields


You should ensure that your form fields are as few as possible and only ask for basic information.

The only thing that is necessary for you to obtain for an email marketing campaign is the prospect’s email address. The fewer the number of fields on your opt in form the more the likelihood of the form being filled.

Squeeze Page: Use a Splash Page


Most people despise pop up pages because they interrupt what they were doing on the page.

A splash page will give the opportunity to capture the attention of your prospects when they land on your page while avoiding all the unnecessary interruption.

Once the users type in your URL they will immediately be taken to your squeeze page but will be given the option to leave this page and be taken to your homepage.

Both squeeze and sales pages can be used together and they will give you as a business increased conversion rates.

These pages are used for different campaigns but both have the same goal which is to increase the number of conversions a company website receives.

It is important that you understand the strengths each page has so as to maximize on them and get the best results.

Also, understand what your business needs are so as to know which page will serve you best.

In both the sales page and squeeze page, it is important to pay attention to the feedback you get from your prospects so as to know which areas of your page need improving.

Clearly, the best option is to employ and reap from the advantages of both a sales page and a squeeze page.