Sales Landing Page

3 Essential Elements for Your Sales Landing Page

The pages you create with an intent to promote just one offer are called sales pages. A sales landing page is a page in a website created to promote a certain offer, where visitors are directed to.

The sales landing page should have minimal distractions with its content directing the client to the offer only and it should have minimal links to other pages except maybe to a shopping cart. One can have a landing page for their social media pages too.

A landing page is meant to direct your client’s attention directly to your product because if they would have landed on your home page there are higher chances of being distracted by other things.

Most especially in sales, a page that directs them to exactly what they want is more preferable to one that has an excess of information to what you want them to buy. It is very useful in improving the conversion rates of a page.

Consequently there are certain features that you should include in a sales landing page for it to win it's target and impact. You should singularly gear it to pitch a certain product or service.

This requires some very deliberate and targeted strategies, tactics and tools. Here are 3 epic tips to guide you to a great sales landing page:

1.Features of a sales landing page with high conversion rate


Sales Landing Page

A sales landing page should have a headline that grabs the attention of the reader followed by a persuasive sub headline that convinces the reader to stay.

Addition of a picture especially one that is eye-catching will make the reader visualize your product and creates even better understanding. You should then have a clear and simple explanation of your product and provide its value proposition.

There should be a flow of the content on the landing page. This will help a truly interested customer to actively engage with your landing page.

Trustworthy testimonials help enforce the readers decision to buy. Provide multiple options for people to contact you and the customers will trust you even more. If possible, your product should have a guarantee to provide even more assurance.

2. Design tips to boost conversion rates on sales landing page


Your Sales Landing Page

As was mentioned earlier, a catchy image on the page is important, after all, a picture does speak a thousand words. Be careful with the colors you use; they should be attractive but not make your page strenuous to read.

Your call to action should be in contrasting colors to make it even more eye catching. Encapsulate certain elements that you want to stand out. Whether it is testimonials or the guarantee as it enables said elements to pop.

3. Boosting your conversion rates on the sales landing page


Connect your headline to your ad; this will ensure that any new clients who meet your ad elsewhere land to the right place. You should minimize the amount of information you ask for, because requesting for so much details tends to discourage prospective clients from any purchases.

Resist the urge to oversell your product, you have to be confident in your product and show that confidence without overselling. The best sell is to offer benefits of a product or service.

Since convincing people not always easy, providing a trial incentive for example, helps customers make the decision to buy if they know they can try it out first.



Sales landing pages are not only important for selling, but also increasing revenue. Employ a landing page which will help you to convert prospective buyers to actual buyers and design them as such.