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How to Design a Sales Funnel Landing Page

A sales funnel landing page is a stand-alone web page that is designed to encourage a visitor to perform a specific task, it could be to download an eBook or to give a boost to your sales funnel.

Landing pages are a wonderful way to promote each stage of your sales funnel and take full advantage of the number of prospects that convert from one level to another.

Having sales funnel landing pages for each level of the process is very crucial to capture a larger population of the targeted clients.

There are different stages of the sales funnel; the top, middle and the last stage. There is different sales funnel process but all of them have three similar basic stages. Sometimes, people opt to use a Kanban tool to map out these initial stages.

Well designed and prepared sales funnel landing pages are perfect way to optimize each stages in your work:

Sales Funnel Landing Page #1: Attracting your customers


Sales Funnel Landing Page

The first stage is the attraction stage. It is a stage where you create awareness about your business and reach out to the potential customers in order to attract them, this awareness process can be done on various social media platforms.

Awareness will provide potential customers with sufficient information about your products and services.

One can use landing pages to promote the awareness of the business at the top stage of the funnel, the awareness will give customers reasons to move to the next stage which is the engagement stage.

Landing pages make it easier for customers to make decision and this surely gives a strong conversion rate. You need to know the source of your customers, who they are, where do they come from?

One should also know where the majority of customers are coming from. All this information will prepare you for how you will get yourself to be familiar with them.

The main goal of this stage is to attract more customers and spread useful and important information about how the product and services will benefit the customers.

This first step will build customers trust in you thereby making them to move to the next stage which is the engagement stage.

Sales Funnel Landing Page #2: Engage your customers


Sales Funnel Landing Page


The engagement stage is the stage where the customer has known about you and your product and services. At this stage, you and the customer should have some kind of relationship.

The customer must have signed up on your website or followed you on social media or asked you questions about your products.

You should also be able to provide accurate answers to their questions because this is the stage where the customer is learning everything about you and why you are different from others.

One should be able to fully answer this question “WHY SHOULD I BUY FROM YOU?” One of the best ways to engage with your customers is to offer them a free sample of your product and if they love it, they will come back to buy your products via your sales funnel landing page.

Landing pages are very useful in this stage, landing page is used to encourage the prospects that are already in communication, to buy your products and services and this will surely lead to increase in your conversion rate.

One can also offer them discount on any product they buy, this further solidifies the relationship.

Sales Funnel Landing Page #3: Make your customers buy

Sales Funnel Landing Page

The last stage of sales funnel is the buying stage. This is the stage after which the customer is fully convinced about your product.

As soon as the purchase is done, it is very important to do some follow up with excellent customer service and also request for referrals. This will make the customer to feel at home with you.

Many business owners believe that once the buyer pays for a product, it is over whereas that is just the beginning; a single satisfied customer may change your business around. In this stage, landing pages are also used to sell more products to your previous customers.

Understanding the process of sales funnel is very important for the growth of your business. Sales funnel is a valuable model for monitoring customers as they journey down the funnel from the awareness stage to the last stage which is buying and conversion stage.

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Sales funnel landing pages also help you in analyzing your business and to identify areas you need to improve.