Retailer Landing Page

4 Integral Features of a Retailer Landing Page

Globally, landing pages are one of the best marketing strategies for businesses. They are used to generate potential customers, eventually creating more business growth.

Retailers create and design attractive landing pages for their goods or services and monitor the frequency of which they are visited as well as how many more clients they gain from them.

Through conducting extensive research, there are ways that will ensure that your landing page as a retailer is effective in promoting your business.

Here are some examples with the best features you want on a retailer landing page.

Advertise a new product or service


Landing pages give retailers the opportunity to boost a new service or items for sale by providing them with space to post eye-catching photos and to give more information on the particular new service or product.

A good retailer landing page should encourage leads to make a purchase from your business.


Retailer Landing Page


Le creuset, a popular cookware franchise, made a retailer landing page to promote its Cassadou pot. The brand sent emails to all its subscribers with information on the new item and provided a call to action button in the email that takes the customer to this page.

An easy purchase can be made by this easy-to-navigate page.

Generate buzz for your goods and services

Planning events and creating offers for your products is a great way to keep people talking about your business as well as being a viable growth opportunity.

Social media platforms have made it easier to put the word out about your business. Whether you decide to go with product demos, book signings or holiday parties, once you post it on social media and send emails to your contact list, it will lead to instant awareness and excitement for your business.

Furthermore, you can link such events to your retailer landing page to allow visitors to gain more information about your franchise.


Retailer Landing Page


SiriusXM, a satellite provider, created a landing page announcing a reunion concert. Once the event was sold out, they persistently updated their landing page to inform their visitors of other ticketing options.

Provide the option of printable coupons to your social media followers


Social media is a crucial part of the operation of landing pages. It is what brings visitors to your retailer landing page once you post it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Post about a limited time offer and link a landing page to give more information. Once your followers click on the post and go to your landing page, they should be able to purchase a coupon probably offering them a discount or a special offer.

Persuade your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter


Landing pages allow visitors and customers to offer their email addresses so that they may be updated on new products and offers you may have. Retailers may also opt to advertise a subscriber discount once they subscribe to your newsletter.


Retailer Landing Page


VerticalResponse, who recently introduced its landing page feature, offer a free eBook for its new subscribers.

Retailer landing pages should be attractive and capture the attention of potential customers as well as your current ones. Ensure that your retail landing page contains great offers and events to keep your crowd enticed.

Whatever your products or services may be, it is possible to make the most out of your landing page.  It is of utmost importance that retailers establish their landing pages as soon as possible if they have not already.

It is a great opportunity to grow your business.