Real Estate Landing Page

How to Build a Real Estate Landing Page That Converts

Thanks to the technological advancement today, we no longer need to stick a sign board in the yard of a house to notify people that the property is up for sale or rent.

Now you can advertise your real estate property online and hence reach a wider market than you would with the more traditional methods.

What is a landing page?


Real Estate Landing Page


A landing page is sometimes referred to as lead capture page or squeeze page. It is a single web page that is dedicated to turning passive or inactive prospects into active leads.

A landing page will help you to capture and retain the attention of your prospect as it directly speaks to their needs.

The real estate industry is quite competitive and thus you have to stand out among your other competitors.

To achieve this you have to create a landing page that will appeal directly to your prospects needs depend on where they are in their journey in real estate.

There are 5 levels of awareness that a real estate prospect can have. These are:

Real Estate Landing Page 1. Unaware


This is a situation where a prospect doesn’t know anything about real estate or the processes involved. They are blissfully living in their cocoon of ignorance.

Real Estate Landing Page 2. Pain aware


This is where a prospect realizes that he or she has a problem specifically in property and real estate but doesn’t know where to go get help.

Real Estate Landing Page 3. Solution aware

This is the level a prospect reaches when he or she finds out that they can get solutions to their problem.

Real Estate Landing Page 4. Product aware


This is the point where the prospect decides which solution works best for them.

Real Estate Landing Page 5. Most aware


This is the point where the prospect decides that the solution you are offering is what works best for him or her.

How to create a killer real estate landing page

a) Craft a killer headline


Real Estate Landing Page

The headline for your landing page should be clear and to the point. The language used should be easy to understand and should serve up a lot of value for your prospect.

b) Keep it simple


How to Build a Real Estate Landing Page That Converts

Your page should be created using simple and clear language. The landing page should take the user straight to the heart of what they are looking for.

c) Get deep


If you want your landing page to be one of the best performing pages you have to address the emotional benefits of conducting business with you.

d) Face the pain


Your page should be able to tackle the major problems facing the real estate market, which is the fear of making a huge purchase, head on. Do not try to tip toe around the issues or avoid them completely. It is important that the landing page headline and the initial ad correlate.

This will eliminate any feelings of being shortchanged for the prospects.

e) Punch packing subheads


The subheads should assure the users that the process you want them to follow will be easy and fast. They should eliminate any barriers that might occur during sign-up.

f) Creating a magnetic value prop


This will help to clearly spell out the benefits that a prospect will receive when they choose to conduct business with you. The following example shows how you can get this done effectively.

g) The personal approach


Real Estate Landing Page

Once you know who your target audience is, add a personal touch to your landing page so that you can appeal to your prospects personality and needs.

This will help you to improve the number of conversions you get on your landing page.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for reading.