Re-engagement Emails

5 Hot Tips and Examples for Re-engagement Emails Campaigns

Effective Re-Engagement Emails: It is not an easy feat to fill your email list with customers; it is harder still to get them to sign up for a subscription too.

It truly is a challenge to get them landing on your website and when it comes to making a purchase? That is the hardest of them all.  But does it really need to be so hard?

To make things worse, your customers have stopped responding to your emails, they stop visiting your website; they fail to upgrade to a paid account and pull out of making purchases halfway through.

When customers seem to be losing interest in your products, it is the opportune time to focus your efforts to re-engage them.

Examples of Efficient Re-engagement Emails


Pinkberry works by reminding customers who have been away about pictures of tasty dishes. It then offers them free giveaways to peek their interest again. And lastly, it creates a sense of urgency for the customers calling on them to act within a week.

Urban outfitters have adopted the trends of today’s texting generation. They have managed to pinpoint specific segments of their target market that will respond to texting.

Rue email is one such email designed to bid customers farewell. If the customer refuses to open it they are kicked out of the email list, however, if they wish they get a chance to re-subscribe in a few months’ time.

Mint works by reminding your customers to use their applications on their gadgets.

Runkeeper works to inform your customers about upgrading to paid accounts in order to access additional features.

Here is how you can create a re-engagement email for your company:-

Create An Automation And/or List Segment


You need to identify the type of re-engagement email you need. This is because different people require different approaches when it comes to catching their attention.

For instance you can make use of both time-based auto-responders and action-based automations.

To re-engage customers who fail to open their emails, you should create a segment listing the customers and their length of inactivity.

To re-engage a customer who created an account, signed in but failed to complete a purchase, you can notify them about their abandoned shopping cart. This will prompt them to action.

Define Your Goal


You can do this by simply re-introducing your organization to your customers. You can do this through reminding them about the things they have purchased in the past, the good shopping experience or even the seamless software.

Create The Re-Engagement Emails


It can take on any form you desire because the email should be tailor-made for your intended purpose.

You can choose to go with your standardized email template or come up with a fresh format for each specific purpose.

This can work well to get the personalized ‘We Miss You’ message across as clearly as possible.

Test Several Subject Lines


The subject line in an email should be the first thing that pops up when your customer receives it on their phone/computer.

It needs to be unique, catchy and informative so that our customers take notice of it when it reaches their inbox.

Send out as many samples as you can to determine the one with the most impacts. Also incorporate the customer’s name in the line to ensure that you get the connection.

Tweak and Test your Emails


You should be able to do a comparison between the design and the message you intend to pass across to your consumers. Ensure that the colors are coordinated with the mood of the message being communicated.

Experiment with different colors, phrases and designs of the email in order to call your customers to a specific action.

So What Exactly Should Be Included The Message?


Make sure that the content in your email will pique your customer’s interests and is in line with their expectations. You can do this in the following ways.

Include incentives. Here, you can find out what their specific needs are. Then you can use this information to formulate a plan to implement these needs in future.

The call-to-action. This should be bold and precise. Including too many CTAs can be confusing which will hinder your subscribers’ engagement in the long run. An example is to ask them to download a free trial product.

The subject line. As previously mentioned, this line should be attention grabbing and informative about your purpose for sending the email. Keep it short and engaging.

What If Your Subscribers Refuse To Open Their Emails?


Even after doing all that you can to woo your customers back, some of them might not want to see your emails. When this happens, it’s time to say goodbye to your subscribers.

Not only will you respect their decision, you will boost your email reputation. Nobody likes a nagging marketer in their inbox who doesn’t know when to quit.

Below Are Some Real-Life Examples Of Successful Re-Engagement Emails


Email list retention should be the primary focus for a marketer who wishes to make sales.  According to a study done by Marketing Sherpa, marketers can lose up to 25% of their email list per annum due to a decline in customer interest.

In order to awareness about your products take a look at some campaigns that have worked for these companies.

Re-Engagement EmailsExample #1: Lowe’s


This company chose to highlight their client base consisting of 5 million members to potential subscribers.

They have also mentioned that improvements have been made to their products. Clear and bold social sharing buttons have been strategically placed at the foot of the message.

Re-engagement Emails


Re-Engagement Emails Example #2: Animoto


Animoto used this message to find out whether their subscribers wished to continue hearing from them. Their call to action is directing their subscribers to update their email settings in order to receive more information about their products.

Re-engagement Emails


Re-Engagement Emails Example #3: BirchBox


It  has employed the use of emotions to capture their subscribers’ attention. This works to re-engage the customers by offering them a rewarding offer.

Re-engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails Example #4: Grammarly


Grammarly has utilized a badge on their message to inspire an immediate call to action in a clever way. The big, red ‘GO’ button creates a sense of urgency for the subscriber.

The email gives the subscriber the chance to upgrade to a premium service that is on offer. The message also appeals to the user to continue writing, thus making it an impressive re-engaging email.

Re-engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails Example #5: Path


This is an application used to edit pictures. Here they have sent out a re-engaging email that advertises all their newly improved features to their less active subscribers. Their call to action consists of an ‘Update Now’ button at the bottom of the page.


Re-engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails Example #6: ReturnPath


Returnpath chooses to engage their subscribers by giving them a chance to pick the kind of communication that they prefer to receive in their inboxes.

They can choose between newsletters, events, blogs or website information. There is also a call-to-action at the foot of the page for the subscribers to choose if they want to leave or stay.

Re-engagement Emails Campaigns


Re-Engagement Emails Example #7: Surfstitch


Surfstitch has used a message which features all the offers that an active subscriber hasn’t been a part of. They include a section where the subscriber can choose how often they want to receive emails.

They have also incorporated all their value propositions such as free delivery at the foot of the page.

Re-engagement Emails


Re-Engagement EmailsExample #8: Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters have made use comical as well as emotional appeal to entice their customers in their re-engagement email. This message is clear and to the point making it hard to ignore for inactive subscribers once it lands in their inbox.

Re-engagement Emails 

Re-Engagement Emails Example #9: Paul Mitchel


Paul Mitchel uses emotion to drive their message home. By using the phrase ‘We hate goodbyes’ they appeal to its customers to stay connected and keep receiving information about their offers and services.

Their call to action at the very bottom of the page is for the reader to continue with their subscription.

Re-engagement Emails


Re-Engagement Emails Example #10: Asthma Foundation


Asthma Foundation is a non-profit organization whose appeal is to donors to contribute to their cause. This email, in particular, is tugging at the reader’s heartstrings to give once more.

Not only is it persuasive but it is concise and to the point. The imagery is playful and the call to action is hard to miss.

Re-engagement Emails

In summary…


We hope these tips and examples will help you to design and execute the right kind of re-engagement email that represents your brand.

Actionable language and convincing imagery will get your subscribers back where you want them.

Whether you choose to use comedy, sympathy or concern in your emails, the message should be well executed depending on your goals.

Remember that when you include a personalized message that contains the customer’s name, it will capture immediate attention. This kind of email writing will portray your company as being caring as well as professional.

This tactic will win many more prospective customers. Give these ideas a try and see the difference it makes to your client list.