Quiz Landing Page

Traits of a High Converting Quiz Landing Page

Quizzes have become so common nowadays. Many people love taking online quizzes just so they can see how much they can score.

That quiz landing page that has been able to experience at least 50% success rate, is  that allows  the user to see his or her results by placing an email capture form immediately after the quiz to allow the user access the results.

There are several ways to maximize your conversion rates using quizzes:

Quiz Landing Page #1: Connection is integral


Quiz Landing Page

It is important to create a good rapport with your user if you want to obtain a high conversion rate. You can achieve this using the following methods:

a) Use your personality

When you put a little bit more of your personality in your quizzes, they tend to appear more human.

This will allow the user to feel more comfortable when taking the quiz and also when submitting because they know that they are submitting their answers to a fellow human being and not a computer.

The best example of such a quiz is the one offered by Death Wish Coffee.

b) Talk to a person

It is always a good thing to put in mind that you are actually conversing with a person when you are in the process of coming up with your quiz questions. It’s important to maintain a level of professionalism but do not get too formal.

To achieve this, you can get a picture of someone you think would like to take our quiz and write questions directly to him or her. This will make your quiz more relatable and thus give you a high conversion rate.

Quiz Landing Page #2: Relevancy matters


It’s important that the questions you give are directly corresponding with the subject matter. You can also prompt your user to enter their email address in the same context of your quiz so as to provide them with a continuous experience.

A good example is the “what’s your customer type?” quiz which was created by Worth Global Style Network. You can also use LeadBoxes to set up individual calls to action.

This will enable you to take advantage of the increased generation that comes with the contextual relevance.

Quiz Landing Page #1: Lead generation is a trade


Quiz Landing Page

Lead generation involves asking for permission to send emails to a user. The emails go into their inbox which will take up the user’s valuable time to go through.

You as the quizzer have to give something of value back to the recipient of the quiz which is results. You can trade the results you get from your lead generation for other leads.

Capture more leads getting high number of quiz players using these landing pages

Quiz Landing Page #4: Solve a problem for one person


Most of the time you may find that more than one customer will have the same question or issue. When one customer asks a question or raises an issue it’s important to deal with the question promptly because it may end up helping so many of your customers.

A good example is the quiz that Death Wish Coffee came up with which was called “do you need a death wish?” which was filled with informational and goofy questions.

Quiz Landing Page #5: Positive outweighs Negative


You can use two spins to sell your services. The first one is to a negative approach where you tell people that they have a problem and you can help.

The second is a positive approach where you compliment people on how awesome they are and that they can benefit even more from seeking your help.

The highest conversion rates have been observed to come from the positive approach rather than the negative approach.