Promotion Landing Page

How a Promotion Landing Page Benefits Your Online Store

There are strategies to which promotional tactics are based on. Generally, promotional marketing is based on the idea that offering free samples and products are able to improve the market share of a company for the project that is being launched. Promotional marketing is done with the belief that after trial, your product will be well received encouraging people to buy and therefore recovering from the investment. This strategy is slowly getting outdated with the introduction of technology particularly a promotion landing page template.

Such technology allows the use of data to improve marketing strategies e.g. reliance on causation rather than the previous correlation.

Previous promotional marketing is unable to establish a connection between the strategy and success. There is analytics software that can help with tracking a running campaign when it’s online.

With the change in tactics in regard to promotion, it can now be redefined as any single offer.

This is a definition that takes into account aspects of marketing such as product market fit, minimum viable product etc.

For some time, the promotion has been linked to a period of time. This is no longer adequate even though campaigns are still time sensitive and have parameters in which they operate such as:

The Anatomy Of The Offer

Promotion Landing Page

Know your target market. This is a research phase where the products market fit is realized.

Such information once found should be used on the sales page’s first draft before heading to the second parameter.

Your MVP


Changes and iteration are done as soon as there is launch which should be done as fast as possible. This will necessitate an MVP and a minimum viable page. They will support faster testing and fast crafting of compelling content.

Launch Phase


This often referred to as the promotion. Data is collectible once a launch has taken place. The data will inform you of the benefits of the landing and its suitability.

The launch phase is often referred to as the promotion because this stage involves plenty of activities that are done to ensure an idea will hit the critical mass.

Previous forms of promotional marketing are no longer suitable but modern ones are able to relate to a user and appear relevant making your MVP important.

Importance of a Promotion Landing Page


The two most important reasons why promotion landing page is key is to emphasize that visitors to the site are not to be directed to the homepage or a generic page on the site.

It is an added advantage that landing pages are able to result in conversions for the business. Below are some of the reasons one should have a landing page for every promotion.

Promotion Landing Page Meets User Expectations

Promotion Landing Page

Whenever a promotion link or an advertisement is selected and clicked, there an expectation that is placed on the landing page.

A message match should be used to ensure the expectations placed are met. Identify aspects of the landing page that will align well with the features of a great message match.

• The headline that is used should be an exact match to the headline placed on the ad.

• The content that is suggested on the promotion or ad is an exact match to the contents of the landing page.

• The imagery and a visual aspect that is used in the promotion or ad should directly match the content of the landing page.

Less satisfaction is acquired from the choice that has been made even though performance has been improved.

The above guidelines, when used well will provide visitors with the assurance they need that they are at the right site.

They will gain needed confidence to claim offers that were advertised and promoted. Additional steps that can be taken to establish visitor confidence in the page includes:

• The inclusion of a brand logo on the landing page

• The use of identical images for the landing page, ad, and promotional content

• The exact wording of both the landing page headlines and any other additional copies.

• A strong message match that will help prevent the bounce of visitors to avoid having low conversion rates.

• Having balanced ratios.

Promotion Landing Page Increases Conversion

Promotion Landing Page

The conversion ratio is a term that is used in reference to the number of outbound links that can be found on a page in relation to goals set for conversion.

The recommended ratio is 1:1 on the landing page. This means that a conversion link should relate to a single outbound link.

The conversion goal is the action that the page insists the visitor should take. In a particular scenario, the goal could be downloaded when a report landing page has been created.

Signups are however the focus when the landing page created is insistent on free trials. All the landing pages should have individual goals that they are advertising.

For example, when a page has been created to urge the visitor to sign up for free trials of a particular product or service, they should attempt to encourage visitors into downloading a report.

When a page has two CTA's that are urging visitors to take two different actions, there will be a constant competition that ends up with stealing of conversions from each other. Creating a page for each of the options is a better choice.

Research has shown that when a person is exposed to too many options to choose from, there are significantly fewer sales and numbers as compared to when the options are limited.

The numerous options are only suited for drawing a crowd but limited options account for an increase in sales. Studies have therefore ascertained that when there are increased options;

• There is delayed choice despite the fact that a delay could work against their interests.

• The choice that is made in the long run will prove unsuitable for them

• Less satisfaction is acquired from the choice that has been made even though performance has been improved.

Customer satisfaction and conversion rates are always on the decline whenever options are plenty.

Outbound links are essentially the links that redirect a visitor to a page that is on your landing page.

Such links should not be included anywhere on your page be it on the navigation menu, body of the page, links on the logo etc.

Only the call to action button that is placed on a landing page should be allowed to take a visitor outside the page.

They should, however, be sent to the next stage of the conversion process that they are taking. Other types of links will have a visitor leaving your landing page.

On certain pages, there are designs in place that get rid of distractions but instead show emphasis that a visitor head towards a certain step such as the use of two CTA buttons though they are both requesting the visitor to perform the same action.

The use of links at the footer and social media icons are able to increase the conversion rate by up to 10 times.

Outbound links that are not used on the call to action tend to redirect visitors to other pages making the visitor less likely to convert upon return if they do return.

Always apply emerging promotion techniques as all promotions at this point in time need a promotion landing page template and at Lander, that is our specialty.