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5 Basic Tactics for a Products Landing Page

Landing pages are all about selling your product without really selling them. Attracting enough traffic and converting it into a sale.

If you have a website or landing page which will not help you achieve those two seminal aims of business and certainly online business, you need to know the right tactics to make a landing page that will sell your products.

There are certain things that you must do to have your products landing page that sells. There are 5 basic tips on how to convert a lead to a client without putting in too much pressure that they withdraw.

Here are the tips:

Products Landing Page #1: Offer Benefits, not Features


Products Landing Page


In all honesty, people like things done for them. While marketing a product, it is best to state what the product offers, not how it is built.

Furthermore explaining a product builds certainty or trust in a client about the product being offered to them and ultimately makes selling the easier.

Below is an example to help you differentiate between benefits and features:

Selling Features:

• The Samsung S8 has 64GB internal capacity
• The Samsung S8 has an octa-core 4.5*6 mm

Selling Benefits:

• The Samsung S8 has enough space to store 20 movies
• It boasts of the highest internet and processing speed, unbelievable!
This is not to mean you do away with the \features, just make it look more customer-appealing and easy to understand.

Products Landing Page #2: Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews


Products Landing Page


It is very hard to trust someone you have never met, more so when your relationship is based online. Trust is very hard to earn so having clients give rating is best.

Clients will have confidence dealing with you soon after they know others have worked with you before and you can be trusted. This is how Amazon grew to be the giant it is.


Products Landing Page #3: Make it Beautiful


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and this is exactly what you want, the eyes of the client on your product. Select what is most appealing (Read about designing beautiful landing pages) to use on your landing page to attract the eye of your client.

Use eye catching words to advertise, words that make your product seem unique and desirable.


Products Landing Page #4: Make a "Hospitable" page


Let your page be easy. Clients need to feel relaxed as they browse through your products and pages. They need to feel homely and at ease, not much stress.

They need to feel welcomed and easy with your page, the approach on your page says a lot about you and how well you value your clients.

Give them offers ranging from free trials, return offers and such-like things that will make them feel comfortable with your products. Give them an assurance.


Products Landing Page #5: Sell the Deal, not the Product


Impulse buying is now as common as day. You get a deal too sweet you do not know what you need the product for but you buy it anyway.

Well, that’s just what you need to do. Sweeten the deal, make clients drawn to the deal of owning, that must have thing, and boom goes the sale.



Selling should be easy as ABC with a products landing page. All you need is good products, great customer relations and you are good to go.

Update pictures that are appealing to the eyes and sit back watch the astounding results. All in a day’s work!