Private Blog Network

Understanding Private Blog Network and its importance in Marketing

What’s a Private Blog Network? Private Blog network, otherwise known as PBN, in the current age and time you might think they are not effective, but in a nutshell they do.

In the previous year’s PBN were used to create niche websites, hence considered a powerful and important tool.

Not only were PBNs important in the previous years but in the current age too and yes they are quite effective.

PBNs can be a little confusing and complicated to build, it comprises of numerous interrelated moving parts that can easily cause failure if not well matched and designed. This post is a guideline on the following issues:

• Meaning of Private Blog Network

• Reason why Private Blog Networks are important

• Why expired domain are authoritative

• Hot to find expired domains

• How to choose your content

• How to test your Private Blog Network Domain

• Outbound linking from Private Blog Networks

• Recourses required

What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?


Private Blog Network


They basically a set of domain anyone can own. PBN might comprise of free blogs, in which they do not hold much power as self-hosted blogs.

We are going to focus on the hosted blogs which are also known as none free blogs. In nutshell, PBNs are made out of expired domains.

Expired domain comprises of ans earlier owned domain with information on it, useful and lived and an owner taking care of it. The domain might have also been very active and attracted a lot of traffic during its time.

Due to some reason the owner decides not to own the domain anymore, he lets the domain registration expire, at this point, anyone can purchase the domain at a low price to reregister it and own it.

Initially, there were minimal Public Networks, this was because no one allowed anyone to purchases links or guest posts.

Google decided to reduce the value offered by backlinks to websites. In return, they became easier to identify and accessible to everyone, this created usefulness of a private blog.

Why Create a Private Blog Network?


This is because he content entailed within can be easily controlled, not only the content is within the owners reach, but also the domain links.

You can design a PBN to specifications that suit you. The important thing is, you can change the hyperlink that appears so that you click it and to get to another site.

An expired domain is more powerful than a brand new domain, it has more links and can pass more link juice than a brand new domain, and this is due to the following reasons:

• First reason is some level of value is placed by Google on older domains, in that an older domain is more authoritative and acquires more links than a newer domain.

• The second reason is the general makeup of the backlink to a domain. This is important because it checks on numerous things for example if the link allows following or not, if the link allows comment, if the link is from an image, if the link is a title of a page, if the link location is in a post or a page, and the total number of IP address.

How To Find Expired Domains

The process of identifying and acquiring a high quality expired domain is a complex process. Below are some sources:


Private Blog Network


This site provides a catalogue of expired domains on a daily basis, there are numerous domains dropped daily, even though this is the case a fraction of them are useful or considered valuable to create an effective Private blog network.

You might encounter domains with high statistics but at time they are for spammer purposes.

Otherwise for you to acquire the best is by signing on with and get the filtered list of highly rated domains of high quality.

Use The Wayback Machine And Check Backlinks


This is simply looking the history of a possible domain. The Wayback machine reviews the backlink profile and the archived pages.

Bluechip Backlink


They act as brokers; they deal with the vetting and history checking of domain. They sell to you the domain and reduce the hustle hence you spend more time building faster PBN.

Domain Re-animator


This tool is useful for rebuilding a domain; it is purchased but comes in handy in increasing speed, spam detection and ease of use.

It is also hosted online the same as Bluechip Backlinks, it is a very effective tool when it comes to finding domains faster.

An advantage to this tool is that you do not incur limited time in using it hence you can payback yourself if you are in the domain brokering business.



Private Blog Network


It helps you find high authority PBN, it does away with the hustle of finding an expired domain, and they use their in-house tool to filter and acquire the best tool using a 7 stage spam checking process.

It reduces time spent on checking for domain, it has no risk you are guaranteed results, the domain has great authority and the only drawback is cost.

Hammerhead Domain


They offer a free list of unregistered but filtered domains with high authority. This is a good option if you can’t afford to purchase, also the domain acquired are not all spam free hence you will have to use the tool provided to check them.

The advantages are: the account is free and premium account a little cheaper, the list is to some level filtered, it is easy to find high authority domains, and you can create a huge list of domains in your vault.

The disadvantages are: you have to filter for spam on the domain on your own and the charges might increase monthly if you are not generating any revenue.

The Content And Theme


Your content needs to be separate in nature to stand out from the rest. It should be raw and not available on any other platform.

The contents should flow, in that there should be a relation to the other articles written before.

Not all articles should be released this should be a gradual process, a small amount over a period of time.

Your themes should be unique in all your domains. It is advisable to use simple themes that allow display of full text on the home page.

How to Test Your Private Blog Network Domain


After completing the above, testing your domain is a very important step. It roughly takes a week and it is important to conduct tests on all domains, separately. The following steps might come in handy:

1. Identifying a 3rd party website in your niche: This is so you don’t mess up your site

2. Identify a keyword that is top of page 2

3. Identify the keyword that is sensitive to a link with a correct match to anchor text

4. Page two should provide other related keywords

Outbound links


These are the reason why you started the Private Blog network; this involves acquiring high authoritative domain to link your money site.

However, you should exercise caution when linking the domain to your money site, not all articles should be linked to your domain.