3 Inspiring PPC Landing Page Examples

Pay per Click (PPC) is a mode of promoting services and/or products whereby advertisers pay a specific amount every time a user views their advertisement. It is a means of promoters to create traffic by buying it.

The promoters hire a publisher like Google, which presents your advertisement once the user searches the relevant keywords.

The advertisement ushers the user to an optimized PPC landing page. The page should have exactly what the user is looking for, therefore, attracting them to take action.

An effective marketer consistently tests the PPC landing page to make sure that it achieves ideal results for the business by improving campaigns and increasing conversion rates.

We shall investigate various PPC landing pages and look at their effectiveness in promoting business.

PPC Landing Page Example #1: Hostgator


PPC Landing Page


Hostgator landing page attracts the user’s attention. It gives straight and precise information on what the business offers to its customers.

The offer highlighted brings attention to the page, despite the offer always being available. The page has no interruptions that hinder the user from optimizing the page. The call to take action button is easily accessible.


PPC Landing Page Example #2: CDI College


PPC Landing Page

This landing page provides the user with information on accounting and payroll training. It has a take action button and a form that the user to fill in his/her personal information to register.

Despite the PPC landing page featuring the important tools required, it provides shallow information about educating the user on the training course.

It does not show term dates or urge the user to register. Similarly, it does not contain headlines or visual information to make the user understand why they should choose CDI College.

PPC Landing Page Example #3: Rackspace Hosting


This page is one of the many examples of vague landing pages that are found in search engines. It has an unclear call to action button that does not dare the user to set up an account with them.

It does not list the advantages of using this particular host as opposed to others. Similarly, it does not give the user adequate information about the services offered.


PPC Landing Page

Best Practices of PPC landing pages


Relevant keywords and specific ad copy should lead any user to a fully optimized landing page. Many businesses fail to invest in their landing pages giving priority to other business needs.

They fail to understand that a successful PPC landing page can translate to increased profits that would surpass their imagination.

An effective PPC landing page is simple and straight forward. It should have a meaningful headline, supportive tagline, a list of features and benefits of the service or product, trust symbols such as reviews, testimonials, contact information and performance data, clear call to action button that captures the user’s attention and images or graphics relevant to the business.

Keywords in the ad headline should match those on the landing page to meet optimal results. This ensures that the user is on the correct site and that he/she acquires what they are looking for.

They should go to the PPC landing page once they click on the ad copy and not to the homepage. This deters the purpose of the PPC visitor as he/she seeks to make an immediate buy soon not seeking more information.  All these together form a high converting landing page that every business wants.



To make sure that your PPC landing page is up to its greatest potential, it is important that the marketers test its effectiveness. By testing, you will be able to try various designs different from the average styles exhibited by other landing pages.

It is crucial for all businesses to invest both time and money into creating an effective PPC landing page.