PPC Campaigns to Increase Business Revenue

PPC Campaigns to Increase Business Revenue

Pay per Click advertising has been around since time immemorial. Probably, you know it by the abbreviation PPC because many people have no idea what PPC stands for.

As long as you understand how it works and how to do it properly you are forgiven.

The dynamics of PPC are very complicated. If you do not get the work done properly then you can be sure that the results that you will get will not be as pleasant as you would expect them to be.

Enter the World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketers have the challenge of coming up with clever, affordable and legal ways of generating revenue for their clients or the business they are working for. PPC is one of the best digital marketing strategies that are being used today.

Everyone is using it from the leading corporations such as Virgin Atlantic and Apple all the way to startup businesses. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of websites through this form of marketing.

There is one company that has made it great with PPC advertising. They created internet marketing synergy by employing a lead generation strategy that increased revenue through the PPC advertising strategy.

PPC synergy is very important if you are going to get the best results from the advertising online marketing tools. Usually, most businesses have a department working on a particular task. These departments have some ‘sub departments’ or categories of such kind. This is true of the digital marketing departments.

Within the marketing department you are bound to find teams that are dealing with social media marketing and others are placing a lot of focus on email and SEO. Creating synergy in all these teams is going to be extremely beneficial for your business’ success.

For instance, there might be an SEO term that your business is not ranking well for. Therefore you might want to ensure that you try and get as much coverage through PPC.

PPC Advertising Case Study

The company in this case wanted to increase revenue- that was the main objective. This ecommerce website was looking for new strategic ideas that they would use to boost orders over a long term. There is nothing so new about this objective, right?

Every business wants to boost its revenue. Therefore, the company sought the assistance of a professional SEO service provider. This is very important if you want to take your business to the next level.

There is always the option of hiring an in-house SEO team but this might cost you more than you thought it would. If you are in Los Angeles simply look for the best LA SEOservice provider and you will be on your way to enhancing the performance of your business significantly.

The SEO service providers are going to help you do a thorough analysis of the strategy that you have in place. This is the key to the development of a more effective marketing strategy.

The company in question set up a meeting with the PPC teams as well as the social media officers to discuss the strategies and messaging that were doing well across both channels. This helped to come up with fresh ideas to grow the revenue of the business as a whole.

The good thing is that this company was well established and already making use of several PPC resources. It was also the biggest challenge for the SEO service company. They had to be extremely creative in order to come up with new ideas that have not already been tried out.

After a long time of brainstorming the team decided to go with lead generation that would increase revenue significantly.

They started out by identifying a number of blog posts that had generated heavy social engagement on the company’s Facebook profile. A lead generation strategy was then created around these posts in order to encourage more engagement through PPC.

HFO’s PPC Problems

Holy Family Phat Diem (HFO) is also a great fanatic of the PPC advertising route of marketing. The company deals with supply of custom made sculptures and religious statues.

They also deal with jewelry as well as medals which they supply to churches as well as believers all across the planet through their retail and online stores. HFO also wanted to increase its revenue and PPC did this for them.

The main problem that they were having was not with traffic. They were getting a good amount of traffic with PPC campaigns generating about 31% of this traffic. However, you need to know that traffic alone is not good enough.

It will never be good enough if there are no conversions. This was issue that HFO was struggling with. They got the help of professionals in Google AdWords and PPC. With professional help you will be able to generate sustainable business online and that is exactly what HFO got.

Revenue rose by an impressive 410% through the PPC campaigns. The conversions and the Cost per Acquisition were used as the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the campaign.

This is worth taking home with you. Any online business needs to be tracked carefully in order to ensure that the results being produced are the best.

While the sales went up by more than four hundred percent the Cost per Acquisition experiences a drop of almost half. It goes without saying that HFO was able to enjoy reasonable profits within the first few months of the campaign.

The strategy involved a lot of ad group restructuring and optimization. Negative keywords were added and those that were selected for the campaign were had a high Quality Score plus a low Cost per Click. Landing pages used in the campaign were made as relevant to the customer as possible. The end results were great.

Bottom Line

In summary, the best way to go about PPC advertising is to get help. It is not exactly the simplest of ways to do online marketing and increase business revenue but then it is a very effective one.

With a team of experts in place you will be able to develop a fantastic PPC advertising campaign one that will bring great returns to your business.