Online Course Sales Page

How to Create a Powerful Online Course Sales Page that Converts

Online Course Sales Page: Once the design and creation of an online course are complete, one should begin promoting the page. The page should describe the online course to the audience in a direct number.

Here is where an online course sales page comes in handy as it will help sell the online course without the need to email and pitch for a number of hours.

It is the general understanding that a sales page is responsible for creating a focused and direct action that enables the pitching of one thing.

The main goal will remain to encourage a reader into subscribing to the course thus making him/her a customer or client.

There are three types of sales pages:

1. Text only sales page aka long-form sales letter. This is a page in which the content is text but has images to support it to help improve the appearance of the page.

2. Text and video sales page. This page makes use of both video and text. The video is often a summary of the text.

3. Video sales letter. It tends to be quite effective provided it has been well done. With this type of sales page, a link for the purchase should be below the video.

Creating an Online Course Sales Page

There are a number of guidelines to be followed when creating a sales page. They include;

• Being direct through the use of strong headlines, short sentences, and bullet points.

• Go directly to the sales aspect of the page

• Direct the reader to the call to action by creating urgency. Make use of buttons and headlines to do this.

• Promote your course as the solution to a number of problems by outlining benefits of the course.

• Create a page with content that would appeal to you if you were in a reader’s position.

Designing an Online Course Sales Page

It is important that the aspects of the page are organized in such a manner that a reader is encouraged to click and sign up for the course that is on offer.

Simply describe the importance of the course and outline what they stand to gain upon purchase.

Ensure the attachments present for download, along with other reading material all have colors and fonts that are similar to those of the sales page.

Everything should align with the brand you have chosen. This will help build trust especially if one approached the brand page through the materials you’ve provided before.

Break up the information on the page to make it easier for a reader to skim through the content. This is done through the use of icons, sections, headings and bullet points.

Ensure the content on the page flows from beginning to end. The beginning should be attention-grabbing and more details should be offered about the course as the reader's heads down the page.

Ease the signup process so as to increase conversions. Short sign up forms and call to action buttons can help with this.

Elements of an Online Course Sales Page

An Eye-Catching Heading

Online Course Sales Page

A headline is the first thing a reader will notice when they end up on your page. The chances of the reader staying or leaving the page immediately they land on it is determined by the headline used.

The heading will, therefore, need to be short and attention-grabbing. It should also be a summary of what to expect from the page. The headline should appeal to the niche you are targeting.

A Descriptive Subtitle


It tends to be shorter than the headline. It is able to provide details the headline is unable to. The subtitle should touch on the beneficiaries of the course, who the course targets and the gains of doing it.



Images are able to send a message that can be difficult to describe in words. High-quality images are able to attract a reader and get them to commit to the course that is on offer. When using images on the page:

• Include a header for the image. It should relate to the course and should be of high quality.

• Use mockups as getting images for the online course can prove tasking. The mockups can be of lesson plans and such.

• Use graphs, charts etc. to show statistics, success rates, before and after statistics of those who’ve taken the course.

• Testimonials of past students, demonstration of how something works etc. through video can help retain the attention of a reader and encourage them to sign up.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Online Course Sales Page

A sales page is meant to make the site reader into a student of the online course on offer. The page should carry a simple way of opting for the class that is being offered. A CTA button will prove useful in accomplishing this.

Appropriate CTA buttons need to be bold so that it is easily spotted, placed in more areas than one particularly at the bottom of the page. There should be one at the beginning and the middle of the page.

A CTA button should be in a color that contrasts with the rest of the sales page so that it may stand out. It is a button that should be accompanied by little text that proves catchy.

Course Description


This is a summary statement that outlines the results to be expected once the online course is taken.

Lesson plans, modules, and reading materials can be included in his section. It gives the reader an overview of what to expect as they undertake the course.


Online Course Sales Page

The credibility of the course can be boosted by having testimonials readily available to the readers.

Such kind of proof is bound to help with conversions. The testimonials can be included in either text or video.

Social proof can be inclusive of the number of people who’ve benefitted from the course and the coverage you received from your work from the press.

Instructor Biography


This is a summary description of yourself. It should be towards the end of the sales page.

It should be inclusive of your knowledge, skills, and expertise you have in the course area. This will provide the reader with assurances that you’re are qualified enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Provide answers to the readers on the questions that tend to be recurring. This helps a reader deal with the concerns that are common before one takes an online course.



Indicate the pricing that is demanded the course. Online courses are a business and should, therefore, generate profit.

Satisfaction Guarantee


This is a move that displays confident in the product or service that is on sale.



Once the necessary elements of the sales page have been identified, the page has to be designed, built and hosted. You can use an online course builder for this.

If the page is hosted on your own domain, there are a number of landing page plug-ins that could prove useful. Examples include; Thrive Architect and Leadpages.

Creating an online course sales page can prove to be a simple task provided all the necessary elements are included on the page.

Lander is able to provide help and more information concerning creation as well as examples of suitable sales pages that could be used as a guide.