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Tips on Creating a Successful Pop-up Squeeze Page

What is a Pop-up squeeze page? This is a link which pops up when you start reading the content on a landing page which takes visitors to a landing page that is advertising a free product if the users enter their email address.

The interruption is often very annoying but if your offer is good then the users will feel that it was worthwhile. This can be an extremely useful tip for marketers to get leads.

It may take you as a marketer time and resources to get the right and relevant product to offer your prospects but the resulting information that you will get from them if more valuable.

When you get the email addresses from your prospect you will be able to build a relationship with them through email marketing campaigns.

What Are The Elements Of A Pop-up Squeeze Page?


The product that you offer your prospects for free should be transferable via email. The main aim of having this offer is so as to ensure the exchange of valuable information and thus requires an email address so as to view the product.

You should make sure the information that you are offering your prospects as an incentive isn’t freely available to them on the internet and they can only get it from you pop-up squeeze page.

It is important that you send your free product via email so that the prospects can see the relevance of your request for their email address.

This will help you to build a customer-supplier relationship with your prospects.

These offers include things like: eBooks talking about things related to your product, white paper related to your brand, a discount or an email series which is informative to the users and which make up a course.

What are the elements of a good pop-up squeeze page

Pop-up Squeeze Page: Remove All Distractions


Pop-up Squeeze Page


The main aim of your pop-up squeeze page should be to focus all your prospects’ attention to your offer and nothing else.

In order for you to achieve this you have to get rid of any other content that may distract your users.

These include links to other pages on your website and links to other websites. Your aim should be to get the prospect’s email address before he/she leaves your page.

Pop-up Squeeze Page:  Ensure That the CTA is Clear


It is important that your prospects know exactly what you would like them to do on your squeeze page.

The page should be clear that the user has the option of accepting your offer and sharing their email address with your or rejecting it and moving on to something else.

This ensures that there is transparency in the information transaction on your page.

Pop-up Squeeze Page:  Social Proof


Pop-up Squeeze Page


You can achieve this by adding a widget to a social media site so that prospects can see which of their friends are members of your site.

You can alternatively use statistics which show how many people have been able to benefit from interacting with your brand.

This will help to build your prospects’ trust in your brand and encourage them to join you page.

Good Squeeze Page:  Keep The Sign Up Page Simple


It is important that you ask prospects just for the basic information. If you get greedy with information that you want to get from your visitors you might end up scaring most of them away.

You should just ask them for basic info on your pop-up sign up page and if you still require some more info just direct them to a thank you page and ask it from them there.

Always remember that the more you know about your prospects the better and stronger the relationship you will build with them as you can send them personalized email marketing campaigns.

Pop-up Squeeze Page:  Time And Frequency Of Your Pop-Ups


It is important to ensure that you set your pop-up squeeze to appear after they have at least gotten the overview of what your site is all out.

Do not block your visitors from viewing your content with a pop-up before they have had the chance to finish reading at least the first paragraph.

If you do it will reduce the chances of prospects signing up and sharing their contact information with you.

The right time to have your pop-up appear on your page would be about 60 seconds after the viewer opens your site.

This will ensure that the visitor has had enough time to at least grasp the basic information of what your brand is about and also it’s quick enough to ensure that you catch those visitors who are just skimming through before the exit your page.

Ensure that your pop-up appearance is limited to one per user visit. If they are more than one there will be an increase in the prospects’ bounce rate.

Pop-up Squeeze Page:  The Size of the Pop-Up Matters


It is important to make your pop-up squeeze page large enough so that you can cut off your users from any other distracting factors on the page.

You should also ensure that the pop-up page is also simple enough so that the users are kept on track on what is required of them.

You can also dim the background content so as to make the content on the pop-up page stand out and get the attention of your prospects.

Pop-up Squeeze Page:  Make the Input Forms Easy


You have to make sure that the fields required on your form are visible and tell the user exactly what should be inputted. This ensures that the users fill in each field that is on the pop-up page form.

You should also make sure that the close button is visible so that the prospects know that they have the option of opting out of filling the form and thus makes them trust your page more.

Ensure that the font used to make the form is large enough so that users do not have to struggle so as to see what is written.

Pop-up Squeeze Page: Conduct A/B Tests


Pop-up Squeeze Page


It is important that you are keen on how your forms are performing so as to know what needs improving.

You can conduct tests on different aspects of your pop-up squeeze page so as to know what really resonates with your prospects.

Some of the elements you can test include the size of the pop-up page, the font used in the pop-up form, the color contrasts, and the number of fields in your form.

It is important to always take into account the feedback you get from your users as this will help you come up with even better campaigns that will increase your lead generation.

Conducting A/B tests can be a bit time consuming but the results you get are worth it.

Pop-up squeeze pages are amazing assets to marketers as long as they are properly utilized.

They can really help to increase the number of leads that you get as a brand tremendously and thus increase your income.

Thank you for sparing the time to read this article. I hope you now have the information to create a winning pop-up squeeze page.