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5 Basic Elements of an Effective Pitch Page

A pitch page is a publication that will advertise your products and services to potential customers and is especially useful when it comes to attracting visitors to all the different types of products or services on offer.

We shall look at the two main types of pitch pages at your disposal to make a meaningful impact on your marketing campaigns, and the essential elements of a pitch page.

Affiliate Pitch Page


Affiliate landing pages are well known for being very direct and this feature is it quite common. Their primary approach is straight to the point making them dreadfully dull.

If you intend to use this sales pitch as a medium for your advertisements, your content has to be incredibly creative, compelling and unique in order to capture the customers’ attention.

Product Pitch Page


As the name suggests, a product pitch page advertises your product/service in all its glory. This is opposed to utilizing a lead capture as the central emphasis to lure in potential buyers.

It ideally shifts all the focus onto the product making it the sole point of interest.

5 Basic Elements of A Great Pitch Page


Pitch Page


In order to get your products and services noticed by the public, you must first analyze what will influence contributors to invest in what you are selling.

The aim of the campaign should be to get your brand recognized through word of mouth, sharing, media coverage, hosting events and so much more.

1. An Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail


In order to successfully increase brand visibility online, you must create a beautiful photo or video for your widget.

It should be fun, captivating and informative so as to elicit interest from the visitors who view your page.

2. Campaign Description


The campaign should be described in a manner that is concise and to the point. Do not "overcomplicate" the contents of your pitch as it may lead to ambiguity or misinterpretation.

A good description should be able to answer the questions “who”, “what”, “where” and “why” concerning your project’s mission.

Additionally, it should clearly explain ‘why you care and why others should too’ in particular.

3. Perks


Your campaign should list all the creative, innovative and unique qualities that your product or service will seek to offer to the public. Here, you can outline all the benefits that your product/service will give back to the community.

4. Fund Integrity


Your campaign should seek to answer “How will the funds be used? The key to building trust with the future contributors is to be open, honest and transparent about how money is being utilized.

You want to expound on the exact means through which their money is being put to work. By doing so, it makes it easier for them to make their contributions.

5. Links


Pitch Page


Make sure to provide a wide array of possible platforms where viewers can get more information about your campaign.

Make use of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Official Websites, Blogs or whatever else that will get the people talking about your project.

It builds your reputation as a brand because it demonstrates that you have taken time to build an up-to-date plan. It also allows you to track your progress throughout the campaign period.



Pitch Page


These are the top five elements for planning an effective campaign. You should research far and wide to gain a deeper understanding of how to better reach your target audience or employ the use of leading landing page creation and hosting software like Landerapp.