Personalized Landing Pages

Key Benefits of Personalized Landing Pages in Your eCommerce Store

Personalized landing pages are a given form of vibrant landing pages where custom-made and relevant data is used for enhancing conversions.

The reason why you need to do a lot of A/B tests on your personalized landing pages is that you want to create conversions.

However, if you want to increase the rate of conversion and still stand to be relevant to your audience you need to move forward an extra step and embrace personalized landing pages.

Personalized landing pages are a crucial tool for the optimization of conversions for a ton of e-commerce sites and successful organizations. The page itself is filled with mechanisms that are inimitable to a given user.

Personalization ought to be precedence in any promotion struggle, whether it will be used in landing pages, product recommendations or even email marketing.

Having 85% of direct shoppers with the adequate knowledge that blogs and sites are in a position of tracking their online shopping activities plus 75% preferring that companies should use their personal particulars

To enhance their experience when shopping, personalized landing pages ought to be typical for e-commerce and not just a choice.

Promote the tastes and preferences of your customers and gain an increment in your conversion rate using the artless steps on personalized pages.

Besides, you will get to know the benefits and some of the upheavals you may go through in your course.

Personalized Landing Pages Benefit #1: Footprint the User Behavior


Regular shoppers of Amazon know this. If you are one of them, then you have come across it in almost all the instances you do your shopping.

You view a given product on the site then the ensuing moment you click on Amazon on your favorite browser, you will receive a greeting from a product recommendation grounded on what you recently saw and also the products that you previously searched.

The most essential and fundamental thing in this level is to have all members and visitors of Amazon register for an account.

Therefore, to be on the same level and to be on the safe side of page personalization, you ought to construct a member registration form on your site – this is one of the easiest techniques to footprint all the activities of your visitors on your site.

Another effective way to footprint you visitor’s activities is probably placing a high-value offer on your website adjacent a form that requires the visitor to enter the various credentials you seek to know such as location, their email address, gender or even age.

Well, this is not the best and satisfying technique for landing page personalization. However, it is a recommendable optimized interaction.

Immediately you grasp the information you were up to, commence the application of optimization tokens to each of your visitors.

The next time they visit your site, all information about them, the purchase and shopping they did and even their browsing history will be at their disposal for viewing.

This way, you will also be in a position of gathering additional data for personalization and optimization in all their hovers in your site.

Why is Foot Printing Users Important?

The utmost benefit of footprinting is that you don’t waste your time energy and resources having to recommend to your visitors the products that they have actually purchased or which they do not have interest in.

By exhibiting products that are comparable and flattering to the already viewed or purchased item; it can help in the increment of their lifetime value and the likelihoods of converting further.

Personalized Landing Pages Benefit #2: Gathering Of Added Supportive Data

Personalized Landing Pages

Oft times, it is very much complicated for B2B companies and enterprises to gather information than B2C companies because they don’t have a systematic technique of user tracking compared to B2B companies.

Without going on extra tracking and poking information such as gender, age, income., lifestyle and others, B2B companies have got information beyond your expectation.

Nevertheless, if footprinting the behavior of a user is not effective, you can in most cases decide to reference your data to gather additional information and credentials about your visitors.

Some of the many and best sources of data from the Google analytics information for your landing page optimization are Prospect behavior, referring site, browser and hours and days.

Some of the other ways you can implement personalization on your landing page are; to station on weather predictions, imminent main holidays, and fashion trends.

Personalized Landing Pages Benefit #3: Set up Personalization Process


Apart from the obligatory account sign up, you can make things much simpler by capitalizing on a marketing technology service that will footprint and keep data of your users.

The technological approach, in this case, is a cloud-founded service that interactively shows user profiles and analyzes the information automatically without having to undergo the intimidating data processing and machine learning. Because you yourself are a marketer you a can permit the data mining labor to the data professionals.

Personalized Landing Pages Benefit #4: Formulate Your Landing Page


Not unless you are a landing page expert, you can decide to have a fill-in-the-fields form at the headline containing specific posts, portraits, and call to action buttons that will fine-tune to your viewer's name, location, gender, and any other required credential.

In the marketing language, they are termed as dynamic or interactive landing pages.

They are simple and easy and easy to manipulate for the purpose of giving you prospects a complete personalized experience without doing all the basics.

Through the use of interactive text or interactive keyword pullout, it is very much possible to come up with a one-page landing template which can be used for several keywords.

Personalized Landing Pages Benefit #5: Assess Your Personalization Endeavors

Personalized Landing Pages

The fundamental thing in building a landing page is assessing it and finding out if it really serves its purpose.

The earlier you identify the hindrance behind visitors fulfilling your conversion objectives, the better it is for your business.

In an instance, an online travel company that goes by the name secret escapes experienced a high click-through rate on several of their paid ads, however, they came into a mutual decision of forwarding all of their waged traffic to a solo PPC landing page.

They carried out a hypothesis by having the copy on the landing page similar to the copy on the ad.

Definitely, they wanted to establish if symmetric messaging stuck between ads and landing pages would increase their new user registration.

The hypothesis was literally based on the notion of joining user intent on search engines with expectation.

Simply, if a visitor realizes that the terms they used while making a search were similar to the copy on the ad and the landing page, there would be a great likelihood of performing the conversion objective on the page.



Generally, no one likes to engage in a conversation where they are required to provide their credential to unknown people and sites, credentials like age, credit card number, email address or money.

Personalized landing pages help marketers in a better and conforming way to connect with potential customers through the use of a messaging communication technique that sparks interest and good intentions.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know why you require Personalized landing pages. Better yet, get save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

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