Coming Soon Landing Page

How to Craft the Perfect Coming Soon Landing Page

This is the landing page you want when you have a new product or service in the pipeline; as you wait to launch, a coming soon landing page template can be the fix.

If used well, coming soon pages can really help generate leads. It can help generate buzz for a new product, especially for app and software launches.

A coming soon page keeps your online presence alive as you wait for the website to be fully functional and at Lander, we know just how to get you a well-designed and optimized landing page to engage your audience as you prepare to introduce the product or service.

A coming soon landing page, also referred to as a pre-launch landing page, can be a good marketing tool for your website.

You need to know if your coming soon page is the right fit for your preview. Establish strongholds on keywords and search related to your product.

The page should be simple and include one thing for users to do since too many options will not make visitors have the urge. Use imagery that will be part of your site when it launches.

Also, include information design elements such as countdown timer to let users know when the full site will launch.

This generates a lot of interest to the users. Always make sure that the product launches according to the timer.

You can use email sign up form as a form of a call to action. Promise the users of early access or special discount via email. This increases the chance of the users to interact with the design in future.

Include a logo and a brief description of what you are about to offer. Users need to have enough information about it.

Without some baseline, information forms are unlikely to yield the result. Always make sure you know what you want the design to accomplish and use that in the coming soon landing page.

Other contents should be included in the full website launch. Keep the design of your page simple.

Pre-launch Landing Page Template


Elements that make this page work include:

The simple design – It visually tells what the product does and has minimal text so as not to overwhelm the visitor

• Whitespace- It puts the visitor at ease and frees up the eye. The intent is clear.

• Clear, contrasting CTA-the CTA for imputing your email is clear and has contrasting colors within a color scheme.

• Creates intrigue- it shows enough of the product to create desire leaving the viewer with motivation.

Pre-opening Landing Page Template


A pre-launch landing has the following:

• Marketing promotion campaign- they identify specific target markets and go for them.

• The clean design- the page is simple. It clearly tells the purpose of the landing page.

• Skimmable content- it’s written with short sentences and words. Their viewers can be more inclined to read through the page. However, they should use bullet points and visuals.

The following can be used to improve the page:

• Making the CTA button clear and simple.

• Invoking a sense of urgency by making the promotion end date more visual.

• Using more colors to make the promotion look exciting.

• Having an easy way of collecting emails.

Tips for pre-launch landing pages

You need to set up a pre-launch landing page that helps people learn about your upcoming product.

Gather more traffic for your upcoming new website with these coming soon landing pages

It’s Never Too Early


One of the very first things you do it should be, creating your pre-launch landing page. The earlier the better! Begin gathering feedback by sparking conversations with potential customers.

Getting Your Pre-Launch Page Set Up Quickly


You don’t need to take too much time in building your product. Have a few of pre-launch apps that will help you develop your launch.

Provide as Much Detail as Possible

Coming Soon Landing Page

Simple landing pages might get some people to get signed up to your landing page. They may just be signed up to know what is it you are going to launch which should be something provided in the pre-launched landing page.

A great approach is to include as much information as possible about your soon-to-launch product. Explain what you are going to offer and how it will benefit your customers when released

Those who read through the details and subscribe are likely to become customers later because they have the crude idea what you hoping to provide.

Provide Useful Information

Your coming soon landing page shouldn’t be just about selling. You can use this opportunity to educate them.

Teach them about a key concept that drives everything you do. A nugget of value can give a hand in building trust in your product.

Give Something Of Value

Coming Soon Landing Page

An email list subscriber needs to receive some sort of value that will compel them to sign up. Put real thought and research into resources and focus on the topic that your customers really care about.

Touch Base Regularly


Always stay in contact with your customers through email.

Pre-launch period involves building up anticipation and priming your audience help you build a buzz for your product before launching the product.

Tips for Designing the Ultimate Coming Soon Landing Page

Let your visitors know that something huge is coming soon and that they should really wait for it.

Offer An Incentive

Consider offering an incentive in exchange for referrals. This will increase the rate of people having an idea of what you are offering.

Spark The Engagement

You can use videos for this case. This will increase your engagement with your visitors and attract more of them.

Leverage Color Branding

A strong color palette with a few striking tones can go a long way. Choose several blues and red accent colors to create this illustration. With this, you can hint at the product overall branding scheme.

Sell The Benefits

Apart from using a logo and a call to action, users need to know why this product matters to them.

Send A Consistent Message

Use repetition as one of the essential consumer behavior. Repetition and insisting on your product helps a lot in driving the point home especially when attention is so divided.

Build A Tight Community

Adding a layer of exclusivity and make your product more desirable. You can also use private invites if you think it will work for your product.

Draw Out The Message

Send out the message loudly with every word in your coming soon page.

Focus On Your Core Selling Point

Even when you have come up with a strong brand promise, it is helpful to analyze which words within the phrase are most important. Find your main selling point and communicate it boldly.

Know Your Audience And Earn Their Trust

Your product is new and thus you need to know to which people you will offer and do your best to earn their trust by assuring them about your product.

Focus On Simplicity

Be simple about how you tell about your product. Simplicity enables your viewers not to get bored while going through your page.

Introduce Yourself

Show your visitors about the great team behind the work of bringing about the product.

Make Signing Up The Only Option

Offer all sorts of benefits for those who sign up first. This way you will have more interested visitors.

Make use of a coming soon landing page template attract and lineup as many visitors as possible as your product or service is being prepared for the market.