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Top Profitable Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

There are several Pay Per Lead (PPL) affiliate programs out there on the World Wide Web. If you are interested in making a quick buck in an easy way all you need is a functional email address.

Each PPL affiliate program has rules and regulations that you must adhere to. Small marketers, ideal affiliates and even newbies can generate lucrative monthly revenues by using these programs.

To keep track of all the different PPL programs you are taking part of, we recommend using a free management tool like a Kanban board to track their success.


Pay Per Lead #1:

This is the simplest type of pay per lead programs for beginners.  It charges 4-8$ per lead through PayPal. It is free to enter and register and is accessible in most countries globally.

You are then viable to start earning a commission depending on the number of leads you generate, for example, 10 leads at 8$ would be 80$ per day and a cool 2400$ a month.


Pay Per Lead #2: Grammarly

This is a high converting pay per lead affiliate program developed by writers and linguists to help rectify grammar and punctuation mistakes.

A vast number of people who use Grammarly for free can easily sign up and earn an instant 25$ bonus. Affiliates are paid through PayPal. The cost per lead is 0.20 cents. Here’s an example of an affiliate promoting Grammarly discount codes for students.


Pay Per Lead #3: Born To Sell

When you sign up you are able to earn not only commissions for leads but commissions for sales made as well.

This program allows you to put up a generated hyperlink on all your social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ in order to reach as many new subscribers as possible.

You will then receive a generous 5$ pay per lead for all new subscribers you attract for the free trial. Once the subscribers have filled their details in the fields on the capture lead page, you get paid.

Pay Per Lead #4: Threemouseclicks


Pay Per Lead

This is an instant PPL affiliate program founded by Kenny Tan. The capturing page conversion rate is very impressive.

For each lead generated from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland or New Zealand you will earn a commission of $0.75 cents. It is highly recommended for newbies in the PPL business.

A commission of 10% is paid to you once you successfully refer affiliates to the site on the 20th of each month.


Pay Per Lead #5:

This PPL program is one of the best paying at 3$ per lead. After signing up for free, you will be required to write a request that must be approved before you can start earning.

You will then be provided with marketing tools to further promote the site. Payments are made on the 1st of every month on your PayPal account.

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Pay Per Lead #6: Kevin Fahey’s Program

The founder of this PPL Kevin Fahey is a very well-known marketer who pays for leads between 0.5-1.5$ per lead.

If you are interested to promote his lead capture page you are required to request for an approval in order start campaigning.

Once approved you are eligible to get paid on commission as well. The main means of payment transactions is through PayPal where the money will be sent directly to your account.


Pay Per Lead #7: Web Wealth System

This is the most widely recommended program for the average Joe who is venturing into the world of marketing for the first time.

Founded by Terry Duff, it pays 1$ per single subscription that only requires you to input your email address.

The website is where you are expected to pay a one off registration fee of 27$. Payments are made via PayPal and it has a high ticket program.



So there you have it, the above-listed Pay Per Lead affiliate programs have the best deals on the internet right now. Give them a try today!

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