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More Paid Traffic Conversions with Landing Pages and Live Chat

What do you do when your marketing director is demanding more leads? Do you just crank up the PPC spending?

That is a common response.

If you want some direct and immediate control over traffic levels, paid traffic is usually your best option. Throw more money at AdWords and you’re going to get more visitors. And because you know your average conversion rate, let’s say 2%, you know how many leads that’s going to get you.

Trouble is, that’s quite a costly and unsustainable approach.

What you should be doing is taking a closer look at that 2%. It’s far easier (and produces a much better return) to increase that number by 50% than it is to increase your traffic by 50%.

Stop pumping traffic to your site and only converting at 2% - stop throwing time and money down the drain.

Make your offer irresistible to those that fit your ideal customer profile. If you create the right landing pages and develop an effective live chat strategy, you can stand out from the competition and convert more leads.

This is how you ensure a high amount of quality lead generation now and in the future.

Optimise Landing Pages

Rather than directing visitors to your general website, direct them to specially designed landing pages. Pages that are created to steer quality prospects in the direction that you want.

Hopefully, you already knew that you should be doing this. So let’s just get straight to some very important aspects of a landing page that converts a high proportion of visitors.

There’s an endless list of techniques for getting landing pages right, did you know that page speed is a major contributor? But we’ve put together some of the essentials that you must adhere to if you hope to convert more of your website visitors.

Clear Reason to Convert

Why should your prospects become your leads?

Besides getting an email or a phone call from you or your sales team, what do they get in return? Learning more about your product or service probably won’t be enough - you need to help them now by providing the solution to a problem or some other form of value.

Visitors need value and trust (more on trust when I discuss live chat) from your landing page.

The goal of your landing page is to clearly highlight that reason for converting. If it’s clear and it is valuable enough, you will see higher conversion from your paid traffic.

Consistent Journey

To ensure you’re converting prospects that have a genuine interest in buying from you (i.e. you’re generating leads you can sell to - quality leads) it’s important to make your proposition clear from the beginning.

What products/services do you offer? What’s your USP? What are the other important elements that prospects must consider?

These questions shouldn’t only be answered in your landing page copy but the answers should also be consistent along the buyer journey; your PPC copy, landing page copy and live chats should resonate the same message.

Generate more leads and generate leads that want what you’re offering.

Concise Copy

Since getting your message across is so critical, you can’t waffle. It’s you against the competition remember and visitors can click away in a matter of seconds, if you don’t peak their interests.

You, of course, have a character limit in your PPC ad, but you should also limit your landing page copy. Stick to the core messages and don’t add information that doesn’t add value.

Landing pages are not the place to show off your creativity unless that creativity is clear, concise, and persuasive. Leave the creative turns-of-phrase for your blog (insert creative turn of phrase here).

Clear Call to Action

Never has a single button been more important.

Your whole page needs to point itself to a clear call to action that screams “click me!”.

More Paid Traffic Conversions with Landing Pages and Live Chat

Your call to action should be specifically tied to your goal (“Download” probably won’t be descriptive enough). And your CTA should be supported by everything else on your landing page, from headline and body copy to images and overall layout.

It’s the final hurdle for prospects after you have built up their interest and trust.

Optimise Live Chat

Your prospects do the majority of their research online and make most of their decisions before they would even think of reaching you for any advice or help in converting.

And the trouble is, even if they do start leaning towards you, they have plenty of backup options if they face a barrier to conversion.

Even if they want to buy, but can’t, there’s a strong possibility of them going to one of those competitors rather than having to reach out for help. Particularly true if they have to go way out of their way (such as changing communication channel - e.g. from your website to their email account).

But with live chat you can interact with potential leads before they reach that point.

Stand out from the competition by providing visitors with the information needed to convert. Don’t be pushy, be helpful.

And build trust by having a real human conversation with your prospects. That’s how you skyrocket your conversion rate with live chat.

Right Time

Live chat is great for converting more website visitors but it can also prevent conversion if you try and interact at the wrong time. Nightmare...right?

It doesn’t have to be.

You just need to interact with people that actually seem interested in what you’re offering (people that have spent some time on your landing page). And interact at the right time (when it looks like the interested person can’t convert on their own).

How do you identify when an interested visitor doesn’t seem to be able to convert? You’ll need to stack instructions in your live chat code to satisfy both criteria.

This requires some studying of your website analytics data and optimisation over time. But we can offer some excellent starting points for when to interact.

Start by looking at the average time on page for some of your landing pages. Even better, filter your traffic based on people that do convert and people that don’t convert.

If an interested visitor is on a landing page longer than the average time a converting individual spends there, they might need some help. Send a chat invite based on this time on page metric.

What if a visitor has spent a decent 30-40 seconds on your page (so you know they aren’t here by mistake) but they head to the exit? They may want to convert but haven’t fully understood your value proposition, or maybe they don’t have enough trust to complete your form.

As we mentioned above, a real conversation (rather than a chunk of website copy) is a fantastic way of communicating value and building relationships with prospects. With a little help from a developer that knows their JavaScript you can develop an exit intent proactive for your live chat software.

More Paid Traffic Conversions with Landing Pages and Live ChatThis is a new way for us to make sure that valuable leads are not slipping through the proverbial net of our customers’ current sales enablement processes. We grab the visitor’s attention and have a real conversation to help them convert; we help before prospects are lost to the competition.

Right Message

In order to convert more visitors with live chat, not only do you need to invite the right people to chat, they also need to actually chat with you.

A generic opening message such as “Do you need some help?” won’t get you much engagement. Your live chat conversation, like your PPC ad, must relate to the content of your landing page.

That means that any proactive chat messages on your landing pages should actually relate to what the landing page is about and even what the visitor is doing.

If the prospect receives an error on your landing page form, ask them if they need a hand submitting their information.

If your landing page is about a free download, discuss the value of what’s inside it. If the prospect is about to leave, ask them if they’re sure they don’t want to take you up on this great offer.

It’s not just about programming the right message in live chat of course. It’s also about your live chat agents talking about the right things. Your agents need to be clear about what they are trying to promote. Training and a thorough knowledge base are both great starting points.


So whether or not you’ve reached that ultimatum situation of needing more leads...get your site geared up to convert more traffic now.

Yes, you can up your PPC spending, get more traffic and convert at the usual 2%. That will get you more leads. But if you optimise landing pages and live chat together you can get even more quality leads, from the same website traffic...time and time again.

You don’t have to throw more money on the PPC fire. Get your website geared up to be a lead generation machine. Build purposeful landing pages and interact with the right message, at the right time, with live chat.