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How to create an Outstanding Product Landing Page?

What Is Product Landing Page

A landing page is explicitly intended for an advertising effort with the single motivation of converting visitors into leads and in turn customers. A landing page eliminates the interruptions of a normal website, by zeroing in on just one message, in light of one objective. The way to an effective landing page is that it has a solitary reason and not numerous messages. Landing pages with different offers get 266 % fewer leads than single offer pages.
A product landing page is a post-click page made explicitly to persuade a visitor to change over on a product or services-related offer. It highlights transformation-driven components, similar to an attractive feature, legend pictures, social verification, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, to urge visitors to tap the CTA button. The sole thing that makes it not quite the same as other landing pages is that it is utilized explicitly by companies that sell products.

In simple terms, we can state that a product landing page is a site page intended to advance or sell a product or service. Visitors go over your product landing pages after tapping on a paid advertisement, through a connection in your email list, by tapping on one of your web-based media posts, or in the wake of tapping on an output.

Product landing pages turn out incredible for selling the following :   

  • Digital Products and Online Courses - Selling a computerized product online is probably the most ideal way for consultants and bloggers to begin assembling a productive business that doesn't include exchanging time for cash. Product landing pages turn out effective for selling web courses, downloadable layouts, or digital books. You can guide people to your product landing pages from your blog, email advertising, web-based media posts, or some other showcasing channels, and convert those visitors into deals.   
  • Physical Products - On the off chance that you run a web-based business store selling physical products, a product landing page gives you a headquarter for offering your product to the world. It turns out best for stores selling just a solitary item, or variations of a solitary item. The landing page gives you greater freedom to zero in on the nature of your product and how it improves your clients' lives. 
  • Membership Destinations- Product landing pages are an amazing choice for creating new information exchanges for your enrollment site. It turns into the "business card" for your enrollment administration, allowing you to build your brand and share the advantages of joining.
  • SaaS Items – Indeed, SaaS instruments could be viewed as assistance. Be that as it may, they're regularly sold as a product where visitors can pursue a free preliminary or a paid record without conversing with a deal group first.  

Think about your product landing page as a virtual brief presentation for your product. Each product landing page ought to contain all the information a visitor requires to know to settle on a buying choice. Now let's see why having a product landing page is important.

Why Having a Landing Page For Your Product Is Important?

Having a landing page for your product is important because :

Product Landing Pages Tend to be Extra Actionable than Educational.
Along with educating visitors about something that is helpful for them, product landing pages also concentrate on directing the visitors toward purchasing your product and services.

Product Landing Pages Highlight Various Offers at Once.
A product landing page will usually cover more than a single CTA. For example, a clothing store might allow multiple alternatives of a physical product, like color or sizing for clothes.

Product Landing Pages Primarily Sell Physical and Digital Products or Services.
On the product landing page, the visitor is searching intently for a particular product. It also highlights the benefits of the software instantly, due to which product landing pages provide quick sales.

If you’re in the e-commerce industry and looking to boost your conversion rate then you should definitely create a landing page for your products. Here are a few hacks for creating an efficient product landing page.

Hacks to Create a Successful Product Landing Page

Personalize Your Product Recommendations 

We all know that personalized product recommendations are the future of online sales. If you search for earbuds on amazon, you would see the product description below the product you clicked. These are called product recommendations.
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Personalized product recommendations provide information to consumers that they require to make a purchase. The simpler you can make their shopping experience, the more confidently they’ll consider you. Personalizing your customers’ buying journey by recommending products they will find most relevant can improve buyer's purchasing activity. Executing personalized product recommendations on your product landing page will increase several things like -  Customer Engagement, Average Order Value, and Conversions.



Mobile-Friendly Designs

An average person spends up to 2.24 hours on the internet every day. As claimed by Statista’s research, 60 percent of organic internet traffic occurs on mobile devices, in the U.S. If your product landing pages aren’t mobile-optimized you’ll be missing out on a good chunk of traffic.
Switch your product landing page's content, graphics, and even navigation to match the layout of a mobile screen or use templates that are mobile optimized. By optimizing your product landing page to be mobile-friendly in formatting and content, your SEO content will be more productive, and your page will rank higher in search results when the consumer uses your keywords in the Google search console.



Study Your Target Audience  

The more you recognize your audience, the more you'll be able to focus on your landing page and reach the audience who is most likely to convert into buyers. For hosting your product landing page, you have to understand your client's needs and expectations. By explicitly identifying your target audience, it becomes easier to catch someone's attention, because their needs and goals are upfront and clear. Creating an in-depth customer persona will make it easier to match visitors' preferences to your style and layout.
Create a customer persona for your standard client and review all the factors involved. Assess your present clients about their likes and dislikes of your page. Explore each segment of your sales line to guarantee everything works effectively.

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Use Relevant Images

The images you pick for your products must highlight the important items and grasp the visitor's attention. Make use of professional product photography to display your products in their most favorable state. Evaluate what they would need to know as a buyer before ordering the product and add this information through images.
Every year begins with new innovative technology. Think about what tech promotions are convenient to you and how you might implement them into your product pages. For example, IKEA, who used expanded reality by providing the visitors to upload an image and attach the company’s product to a specific setting. When the buyers focus their camera at a place in their home, they can plug any product into the setting and see how it seems with current furniture or place.


Keep your page load time in check

Product landing page speed influences user experience, which can make or break your product page. Lower load time makes for a great user experience and can enhance page views and conversions rate, which means having a speedy product landing page is essential. Also  a reliable and fast hosting provider is quintessential for better web performance.
While your product page’s loading speed deals with various elements on your page, it does affect conversion rates. You could have the most remarkable product landing page ever, but if visitors don’t wait for it to load, they’ll never know how incredible it is.
Abstract images reduce the amount of content on your product pages. Utilize any short method you can to improve how instantly your pages load.


A detailed description of your product benefits

Product descriptions are an imperative part of a product and are utilized to showcase a product's value to potential customers on your product landing page. It will render points and benefits of the product which will persuade a customer to purchase.
After customers have been introduced to the product, it’s time to explain about your product. In the description, you should point out the customers’ pain points, starting with the buyer experience and they describe how your product will help them overcome that.
Reveal how your product works and how it can solve the possible difficulties of your visitors. Add small details as a reward, it will be a fine complement to the product and make sure that all necessary details are visually highlighted.


Effective Call to Action Button

Once you have your prospective buyer's attention hooked on, to make sure they actually end up buying the product hassle-free the call-to-action(CTA) is the most vital element of your product landing page. The CTA isn't just the ‘buy’ button, it also includes the cost, variations, or packages that come along and ideally the checkout process itself. It should contain everything that's needed to complete the buying process.
CTA can be repeated a few times throughout the page including the pricing data along it. For complex product landing pages with multiple package options, different CTAs for each package can be listed in a table or have it as an add-to-cart button instead.



Create Informational Videos 

Hands-down the best communication tool on a landing page is videos. People can stream footage faster than ever with high-speed internet, hence they also want facts fast. Images convey a story quicker than words, consequently, videos pace up the new client’s learning process. Hubspot survey stated that Video is the number one trending content type utilized by marketers to sell products and services. Videos should point to the benefits of a specific item. Show its usage, Highlight the merchandise from every angle. Using 360-degree functionality makes the consumer feel like they are in the room with the product at the moment.

Add Trust Signals

Customer trust is important for your business. We can say that a trust signal is anything that makes the customer believe your company is authentic. Adding trust signals on a product landing page is essential to encourage your visitors to feel confident in their decision to purchase a particular product or service. There are various kinds of trust signals :

  • Brand logos
  • Partnership badges
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Security emblems

These types of trust signals will surely work for your product landing page.
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Never Copy Your Competitors

When it proceeds to invent business strategies, it can be arduous quite often to come up with new strategies that you think will work to boost your brand growth and success. In these matters, it might be tempting to prefer the effortless way out and copy what your competitors are performing rather than coming up with your own unique ideas. Just because a path taken by someone led them to success doesn't necessarily mean the path would work for you too. An extraordinary method to improve your product landing page and increase your benefits is by performing A/B testing. It's the most ideal approach to realize that a transformation to your site or page is genuinely going to work for you.
Optimizing a product landing page is not an easy task. Each product serves a unique assortment of challenges, from its target audience, through its core offering and pricing structure, so it’s tricky to build an effective product landing page without knowing the right hacks. 

Benefits of a product landing page

You’ve achieved it—you've built a new landing page for your product and services. It was likely far simpler than you might have assumed it'd be. With a bit of work to optimize your product landing page, making it easy for visitors to take action on your page, your product landing page can be the key to turning your product into a success