E-commerce Landing Page

Outstanding E-commerce Landing Page Hacks You Need to Know

Online marketers are all about conversions. It is what keeps them in their jobs, therefore, any way to increase conversions is important. There is no better way for an online business to increase visibility and conversion than employing the features of an e-commerce landing page template.

What is a Landing Page?


It is a web page that stands alone away from the main website and whose purpose is to advertise or market some product or service.

It is used to get details of visitors such as their email address in exchange of something that they might want or like. The landing page may also promote immediate sales to the visitors depending on what you offer them.

When a searcher clicks on an online advert or search result, they are brought to the landing page where they can leave their details and access the offer made to them.

The details collected are leads for potential clients. You can use the information to market products later on and possibly get sales.

Why an e-commerce Landing Page?


The e-commerce landing page allows you to have storefronts that are aimed at specific target groups. You can create great experiences for the visitors that are relevant to them, to have them convert to actual sales.

The landing pages can be different depending on the kind of audience you are targeting allowing for greater reach to a more dynamic audience.

Such landing pages give you an opportunity to get more value from the visitors, as giving each one something that they want is key to having more sales for your e-commerce stores.

Creating an E-commerce Landing page

E-commerce Landing Page

Once you know the value of landing pages to your e-commerce website, the next step is getting your own landing pages. So how exactly do you go about it?

At Lander, we will create for you a professionally done and well-designed and optimized landing page.

The main aim of a landing page in e-commerce is to get more customers to buy your products. In designing your landing page the focus should be on getting as many conversions as possible and having sales increase. There are several areas you can look into.

The Headline


The headline of your landing page should have all necessary information. Here you need to know that you have only a few seconds, five at most of the internet user’s attention. Make it count.

The headline should be clear, concise and straight to the point. Use it to create interest in the reader, keep them there long enough to read through and possibly submit their particulars.

Picture yourself as you browse through adverts or search for something, how you read through different ads and ignore them, swiping to the next.

This is what you need to get rid of. Get a headline that catches the attention of the reader enough to want to keep reading.

The heading also needs to convey the message in a way that the reader understands what you are offering. Is it a specific product you are promoting?

Have the headline show exactly what it is and why they should buy it. Make it not only catchy but informative. You can use color to your advantage on the heading.

The Image


The image you have on your e-commerce landing page may be the most essential part of your strategy yet in terms of capturing the attention of the audience.

It is the first thing a viewer sees when they land on this page. If done well, the image on your landing page may be the driving force for more conversions.

Imagery is all in the psychology of a human being. You can play around with it to get the best out of it. First off, tick off all the basics.

This refers to contextual relevance and quality of the image. Ensure your image is relevant to the message you are trying to pass across. Show exactly what you are offering, be it a product or service.

The viewer should be able to know right away what is being offered from the image displayed. If they are in need of such a product, then it will lead to conversions and the conversions will be relevant to your e-commerce site.

One tip that could give you better results is to have an image placed in wider context.

Reach out to the customer’s mind by giving them a feel of what they stand to achieve in their lives with your product or service. This will convince them to buy your product.

The Call-to-Action Button

E-commerce Landing Page

This is where you want all your viewers to go. In fact, if it was directions you were giving out, the call-to-action button would be where you place the ‘You are Here’ sign. All arrows would point to that area on the landing page.

The first thing you want to do is have it stand out from the rest of the page. Choose a different color, ne that is bold but that works well with the other colors.

Next, get the wording right. Use words that attract viewers and add a sense of urgency. The viewers need to feel that if they do not press that button they will miss out on something they might not have access to later.

Free Shipping


Looking at trends in the e-commerce market would show you one of many things. Most online stores offer free shipping on products. It is quite simple here.

Just have the customer the feeling that they will get a bonus by buying from your store and you might be amazed by the number of conversions it results in.

It has been proven also that the word free tends to attract more viewers. People love offers, so take advantage of this.

Incorporating Stock Counts


Have you ever been in that last-minute rush to get something, and heard that there was only one of the item remaining? The pressure to make sure no one else beats you to it; Even your need for that item would increase.

The same applies to an e-commerce landing page. Create the urgency of making a purchase by having a stock count on the landing page. People will be moved to make the purchase before the stock runs out, hence more sales for you.

Optimizing it for Mobile

E-commerce Landing Page

This should be a given, with the current trends where smartphones are used to shop online. You need to ensure that the landing age is compatible with mobile phones.

Also, have a working mobile website to reach a large number of mobile phone users that might be interested in online shopping.

Half of your viewers may be using a mobile phone to look at your landing page, so ensuring that it is visible and easy to navigate on a mobile phone is important. Our landing pages are mobile-ready so use those for best results.



You can always have reviews from previous customers as well as testimonials on your landing page. This creates more trust between you and viewers, as they would be less guarded if there is proof of other people have purchased items from your store and being content.

Get an e-commerce landing page template and set up your landing page with these tips for great results.