Webinar Registration Page

Hot tips on Optimizing your Webinar Registration Page

Webinar serves a great purpose in generating leads in the B2B world. This is as a result of its ability to capture the attention of the audience during the presentation as well as giving a great content. It is, however, pointless to put so much effort in build an excellent webinar only to end up with poor registration ratings. The solution lies in webinar registration page best practices.

Webinars are normal activities for most B2B marketing companies. But most of these companies don’t get it right with their webinar registration page.

The designs are not so enticing.  The truth is that it takes a professional to build the best webinar landing page. A leading landing page builder like Lander could be the right people to engage.

Secrets of more leads on your webinar registration page

Webinar Registration Page Tip #1: Be Specific


Identify your market segment and work towards giving them the best content. Working without a clear target market in mind will just leave you a frustrated person.

Also to note is the length and kind of information to capture on the form copy. Too much might be boring, and too little might give an impression of low quality.

Capture the most important details. Make use of a lot of white space with bullet points to organize the page and make it appear less crowded.

Webinar Registration Page Tip #2: Sell Your Values

Webinar Registration Page

Your landing page can either build or break your business. You should highlight the benefits your audience stand to gain from watching your webinar. That way, they can make decisions whether it will be valuable to them or not.

To grab attention and entice, use a few bullet points or short and clear paragraph to highlight the value of the offer. Don’t just concentrate on listing what the landing page offers.

Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors. This will give people a compelling incentive to respond to your CTA.  For best result,

• state your offer in the headline.

• Describe the value of your offer in the sub-headline.

• Concentrate more on values rather than the product itself.

Webinar Registration Page Tip #3: Use Videos


A study carried out by Eyeviewdigital shows that using videos increase lead generation rates by 80%. Videos are interesting, attention-grabbing and give a long-lasting memory.

Reading a long text on the page could just be boring and many people will just abandon the page without giving it a second thought. You don’t want this to happen to you, right?

Webinar Registration Page Tip #4: Limit Places or Seat Numbers


Many people believe that quality stuff is in high demand and their availability will be limited.

You can capitalize on this belief by limiting the number of seats available for an event. Increase the seat number as your business grows.

Adding a sense of urgency can also help manipulate the undecided lot to take action. Urgent words like ‘’now’’ or ‘’today’’ are known to work magic in enticing visitors to take action as quick as possible.

Webinar Registration Page Tip #5: Tell Your Visitors Why They Should Choose You and Not Your Competitors

Webinar Registration Page

Don’t forget there is cut-throat competition out there.  Give reasons why your webinar is the best. You can do this by:

Giving Testimonials

Dedicate a section for testimonials from your clients. Reviews from happy and satisfied clients build trust for the potential clients.

Customize this section to capture reviews, full name, and pictures of the previous customers. This boosts the authenticity, and credibility of the testimonials.

Showcase Your Various Expertise

Have a section on your landing page displaying the various niches you are best at. This could be modeling, weddings, baby-showers, wrestling or any other niche you want to include on your webinar page. Justify each claim with a proof element.

Award and Accreditation Section

Dedicate this section to capture the awards and accreditation you have received in your line of duty.

Case examples of webinar pages

1. HubSpot


• Their form copy asks so much personal details that many people will find hard disclosing.

• No date or time of the webinar is provided.

•The iframe is just a turnoff, it goes on and on. This is not how it should be.

2. Marketo


What they did well

• They used a short form copy making it easy and quick to fill out.

• Date and time of the webinar are indicated.

• The design is good, title at the top, with three bullet points highlighting the value of the webinar.

3. Rackspace


This is a bad webinar page that we don’t encourage you to copy. This is because,

• The speakers’ bios appear like a book making it look long and discouraging to read.

• The form is also long and people may just click away before undertaking the required call to action.

4. GigaOm


This is an example of a nicely designed webinar registration page.

What they did well

• The webinar title is easily visible and strategically placed at the top of the page.

• The time and date of the webinar are provided.

• They used enticing words like ‘’who should attend’’ and ‘’what should be discussed.’’ This arouses curiosity and urges visitors to read more.

What could be A/B test for GigaOM

• The spacing between the bullet points is just so big and makes the page look weird and longer than it should be. Reducing the spacing could be a great idea.

• The date and time could attract more audience if they also showed it in EST.

Important Tips


1. Use a short copy form with bullet points highlighting basic information about the webinar page. Don’t give too much unnecessary information.

2. Use a simple and clear design emphasizing the important elements of the webinar to give maximum customer conversions

3. Place the call to action button next to the form. This is strategic and will customers will easily see what action is required of them.

4. Ensure that the company logo doesn’t take up most part of the registration page. Otherwise, it will appear like you are trying too much to promote the company rather than selling the content of the webinar.

5. Encourage social sharing by including social media sharing button to make it easy for your visitors to evangelize what you offer. Remember to be specific here and only include buttons for the social platforms used by your intended audience.

The good thing about a sharing button is that it will increase social network on your landing page. For the best result, add suggestion tweets with a hashtag to make it easy for them to share your content with just one simple click.

6. Clearly display the dates and time of the webinar should be clearly displayed with East coast or West coast or any relevant time zone depending on where you are located.

7. The title of the webinar should be strategically placed at the top of the page so that your visitors can easily recognize the page.

8. Always have a great content and offer the values you know you can deliver to earn the trust and confidence of your customers.



Creating a webinar registration page is not rocket science. Just follow the webinar registration best practices we have discussed and you will have it right.