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11 Brilliant Landing Page Optimization Tools

The landing page most times will determine whether your product or service will sell or it will stagnate.

To avoid these uncertainties there are a number of optimizing tools that will enable you to get a better look at what is happening behind the scenes and also find out what is working and what needs to be added to increase conversions.

The following are some amazing landing page optimization tools you can use:

Optimization Tools #1: Usability hub


This is a community of professionals who will use each other’s sites and tests them. You can sign up and set specific demographics and also invite your friends to the community.

There are three tests that are allowed to run which are; nav tests, five second tests and click tests. You can use this site for free if you participate and give feedback on other people’s tests.

Optimization Tools #2: Landerapp


Optimization Tools


Apart from being free to use, it is one of the most efficient landing page builders and optimizers available. Use it to create, optimize, and publish landing pages and is ideal for the beginner.

It is easy the visual drag and drop editor and has the core functionality required in an optimization tool: built-in SEO, mobile ready pages, A/B testing, and conversion tracking capabilities.

It emphasizes visual appeal and will give you beautiful design for any marketing goal. The templates are designed to help the user convert visitors into customers and return visitors.

Optimization Tools #3: Intuition HQ


This is another usability testing site. This site allows its users the benefit of knowing where the site was clicked and also the number of clicks generated.

The users are asked to perform specific tasks while the time they use to complete the given task is tracked.

Optimization Tools #4: Pingdom website speed test


This tool is simple to use and is absolutely free. It has one goal which is to measure how fast a landing page loads.

This speed test will allow you to know which files and images are making your landing page drag when loading. As you well know a slow loading landing page will negatively impact your conversions.

Optimization Tools #5: Landing Page Grader


This tool is free and awesome if you are using PPC to drive traffic to your landing page.

Landing Page Grader also works in conjunction with your AdWords accounts so as to grade your landing pages in order based on the keywords used, settings, forms and competitors so as to increase optimization of the page for a conversion.

Optimization Tools #6: ClickTale


This is an amazing tool to use if your landing page has many forms or it requires a lot of information to be filled out.

This tool will shed a light on those forms that are negatively affecting the performance of your page and causing some of your visitors to completely abandon your landing page.

Optimization Tools #7: Usability tools


It offers both user interface tools and conversion tools to its users. It is a great data collecting tool as it allows you to get from everything starting from click tracking to conducting split tests.

Usability tools also make it possible for you to collect real time data from the visitors to your page.

Optimization Tools #8: CrazyEgg


This tool gives you amazing visual representation of your collected data. It gives you heat map reports that are very detailed as well as some detailed eye tracking.

This tool will help you know exactly which part of your website is performing and which part is underperforming.

Optimization Tools #9: Google Analytics (Experiments)


This tool uses its experiments function to test landing pages. It will give you the basic information that you need to test your landing page conversions.

This tool will require you to create multiple landing pages for the test to be valid.

Optimization Tools #10: Optimizely


This tool focuses mostly on A/B testing and is an easy way to test and improve your landing page optimization.

Optimization Tools #11: Visual Website Optimizer


This tool goes the extra mile of testing behavioral target and usability as much is it also does A/B testing and also multivariate testing without needing to have coding knowledge.


These 11 landing page optimization tools are great for use by anyone who wants to optimize their pages and their website in general.

Create, optimize and publish landing pages which will improve your conversion rates.