Opt-in Landing Page

Anatomy of a Killer Opt-in Landing Page That Really Converts

Bridging the gap between you and the visitors of your page can be very hard. If this is the problem you are facing you need to learn about opt-in landing page template creation to help boost the number of leads you get on your landing page.

Increasing opt-in page conversation is every marketer’s dreams. But not every marker is able to optimize conversion of their opt-in pages.

There are quite a number of companies that can help in creating a landing page template but if you are looking for the best, Lander is the solution Before moving forward lets first consider what landing pages and opt-in pages are.

What is a Landing Page?


A landing page is a destination page created for visitors who get to your website to get information about an offer you are having or any relevant information which the website owner needs to communicate to the visitor.

It encourages people to provide their email addresses by offering incentives such as free eBooks free trials and magazines.

Why are Landing Pages Useful?


Landing pages help you to improve your sales by increasing your subscribers and helping to convert visitors leads into leads.

Let’s now see what an opt-in landing page is

An opt-in page is a page that allows visitors to a page to sign up and receive any news updates and offers from the page owners. The visitors who sign up are free to join or leave at their will.

Most marketers always desire to have many visitors who are signing up daily and none wishes them to leave even if it's on their own will.

Before going ahead to create your own lead page you need to ask yourself the following questions related to the market you are targeting:

1) What is your target group?

2) What do you expect from the already identified target group?

3) What is your objective after them signing up?

After you have gotten the knowledge of what you really want with the help of the above question you need to design and organize your templates according to your goals.

But How Do Visitors Actually Get To Your Opt-In Form?

Most websites use an opt-in form on their landing page, a pop-up opt-in box or the opt-in page. Let us learn how each one works to achieve a maximum opt-in conversion.

The Opt-In Landing Page Form


You need to learn to know where best to place the opt-in form to allow the visitors to easily see it and have access to it. The more visible it is the more it will capture the visitors of your website.

Consider having the opt-in form at the end of each of the posts you have on the landing page to make it more visible to your visitors.

After you have the right position for your opt-in form you need to learn the following tips when creating the opt-in form:

Don’t ask too much information from the visitors. This turns most visitors off because they will feel insecure. Only ask for the important information that you require.

• Don’t ask too much information from the visitors. This turns most visitors off because they will feel insecure. Only ask for the important information that you require.

• Offer the visitors some incentives. This may be best used when asking them for their email.

• Visitors would want to receive newsletters eBooks, magazines or any product relevant to what you are selling as long as they are free. This is a great opportunity that you should take advantage of.

• Encourage the visitor to sign-up by including phrases such as “Your email will stay 100% private or You can unsubscribe when you wish”

Using A Pop-Up Opt-In Page

Opt-in Landing Page

Pop-up opt-in pages are the most effective and because of this, they are the most widely used by many marketers today.

Pop-up pages have been found to generate up to 400% email opt-ins compared to sites that rely on an in-line form will

Opt-In Page


This is a new way of increasing leads in a landing page. It works on redirecting visitors when they click a pop-up page with the words learn more.

The page opens a new tab for the visitor giving the intended information that the owner of the page wants to communicate.

Best Opt-in landing page features

 For you to create a perfect opt-in landing page you need to focus on the following aspects:

The Headline And The Sub Headline


Creating a headline that catches the attention of your visitors can help gain more visitors and retain the ones you already have.

A perfect heading should be concise and one that offers specific and the desirable benefit that solves the problems of the visitor.

The headline should ask a burning question, show a solution to a problem provide a testimonial or offer a guide that most visitors are looking for. In other words, the headline should create curiosity in the mind of a visitor.

The sub-headline gives the headline more context. Due to the shortness of the headline, they may not have the capacity to persuade the visitor enough but with the addition of a good sub-headline, it is easier for the visitors to be persuaded.

Lead Magnet

Opt-in Landing Page

Unless you have something to offer you may not be able to create a landing page. That thing is the lead magnets of the products that you are offering for sale.

Examples of lead magnets are reports, eBooks checklists, and any other downloadable product. They act as incentives to attract more visitors.

Social Proof To Your Company


You need to have a social proof for your company so that the visitors can be assured that your company is among the best.

A social proof can be a testimonial from one of your client's comments about your company or the reviews that your company has.

The Design Of The Opt-In Form


The design of the opt-in form is very important to your new visitors who would wish to sign up. The more information you ask the visitor the less the number of visitors who will be willing to sign up.

Therefore, don’t ask for too much information form the visitor as this will make the visitor a feeling of insecurity and before completing the procedure abandon the process. Ensure also that nothing that distracts the visitor from getting the opt-in form.

You can remove features that can cause distractions such as the main navigation bar and the sidebar to be sure that your visitors don’t get distracted.

It's also not advisable to include links to other pages of your site. They may be a cause of distraction to your web visitors.

Make Everything Clear To The Visitor


Be clear to your visitors of what you are offering to them after they provide you with their email address. You can highlight the benefits they will get after they sign up for your newsletter.



Creating your opt-in landing page requires considering the above features to make your landing page more effective for conversion.

For the most effective landing page, will allow more people to sign up to receive your news updates and information about your offers.

We will provide you with the best opt-in landing page template creations that will boost your leads and help get the number of subscribers you are dreaming about.