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The Anatomy of a Great Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

Increased competition coupled with digital marketing has seen the business owners coin strategies to remain the best. Omni channel marketing is one of these strategies. Through this, the business owners provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience.

This makes it easier for the shoppers to interact with the service or product provider at different levels, such as website, and telephone apps, a physical store or even the different social media platforms.

The channel makes it simple for customers to easily access the physical and online stores through mobile phones, tablets or even desktops. There is no to restriction to a particular device used.

The organizations need to devise ways of making these channels seamless, efficient, consistent and interrelated to achieve the desired effect.

Below are a few elements to consider to create an excellent Omni channel marketing Campaign:

1. Emphasize on Context


Many people must have told you about the importance of a great content. But even the greatest content will have very minimal effect if you do not contextualize it. People have access to a huge reservoir of information online.

To get them hooked on your piece requires you to properly address their needs at that particular time. Ask and provide answers to the following questions to gauge the effectiveness of your context.

• Is your content relevant and address the customers’ needs and expectations at that particular time?

• What information do your customers want and at what time?

• At what particular point is this information valuable to them?

• Is the information optimized to fit the particular device that your customers use?

• Are your prospects suggestions based on customers’ browsing history?

• Does the information address audience in a specific or general location?

• What are offers are you trying to sell to them and how beneficial are these offers?

It is good to customize and personalize the content as much as possible for better results.

2. Understand your Clients

Omni Channel Marketing

Have a deep knowledge of your customers so that you know what to offer them. The details you need to know about your customers include:

• Who are your customers?

• Where they come from.

• Their goals.

• The challenges they face.

• Their preferred shopping channel.

To understand your customers better, use their feedback, employ the services of landing pages to see their conversion rate and not forgetting social listening tools.

3. Restructuring the Coordination And Agility Of Inter-Departments


Many organizations still have various departments functioning independently. This hinders the effectiveness of Omni channel.

For best results, incorporate related departments such as sales and marketing, public relations, product creation and customer services department. This is important because:

• The responsibility to serve customers will be distributed among different departments. This will see every department strive to improve their performances and counter-check with other departments to make necessary adjustments.

• The good relationship between departments improve communication in the organization and the result will be an excellent Omni channel providing the best services and products for customers.

4. Design the Web Page Responsively


Make the information visible and eye-catching. The information should be customized and displayed well to fit the screen no matter what device the customer is using.

This is essential in landing page forms where you will need to capture personal details about the customer. If what is required of them is not very visible, many customers will just abandon the page. Who wants to strain their eyes anyway?

5. Use a Marketing Strategy Stack Which Is Fully Integrated


Identify tools that can be incorporated to work together to minimize the online marketing landscape and make it less confusing.

This will in return improve the results of your marketing efforts. When you use various tools together, then we refer to this as a ‘’marketing strategy stack.’’ Some of the tools which you can incorporate

• Software that manages and maintain customer relationships.

• The software providing solutions to video/web conferences and seminars.

• Emails services provider.

• Data visualization and analytics solutions

• Systems that manage content and context.

• Software that provides print solutions.

6. Do not Limit Use To Only Marketing


In addition to marketing your products and services, you can also use this channel to build customer relationships. This ranges from understanding them, knowing their needs, and meeting these needs.

So, you see, it is more than just advertising a product, but actually enticing them to buy the products and earning their loyalty.

Challenges that Organizations Face In Creating Omni Channels

Omni Channel Marketing

1. Inadequate monetary resources to invest for maximum returns

2. Some businesses lack analytical and technical skills to properly use the available data.

3. Difficulty in integrating and incorporating the different departments of the company.

4. Improper communication channels between the marketing agencies, the company, and the clients.

Omni Channel Marketing Experience Strategies

Omni channel marketing experience uses multiple channels. You need to incorporate mobile marketing, interactive social media promotions and a good and properly designed web page and properly account for each platform to make an excellent Omni channel.

This will give your customers an omni channel marketing experience.

Every company has specific Omni channel experience depending on their product, clients, and guidelines. However, there is a general guideline to use and this includes,

• Closely work with the different departments in the company when developing the strategies. Consider the product creation, sales, and marketing as well as the PR department.

• After each department has understood the needs of the strategy, plan on how to introduce these changes. Make it simple and interesting.

• Include a strategic plan that builds a coherent and structured experience across the different platforms.

• Start small and expand with time to avoid your staff resisting the changes.

Companies with Great Omni Channel Marketing Experiences

1. Disney


This company provides an excellent Omni channel experience right from initial entertainment experience down to the responsive website. The trips are mobile friendly, making it possible to book and plan one, using the Disney experience tool.

You can easily use the mobile device to click the location you are interested in, the food or the hotel room you want.

2. Virgin Atlantic


This company has integrated and incorporated its various departments such that each department can comfortably respond to the needs of their customers.

3. Oasis


This is a U.K based fashion retailer company. They have incorporated their e-commerce site, a mobile app as well as their brick store into one simple and fascinating shopping experience.

They have devices that give you accurate, updated information about their product. This makes it have excellent customer service.

4. Bank of America


They put a lot of efforts in their Omni channel experience development. One of the strategies they use is allowing their clients to check deposits or schedule meetings with their staff right on the mobile devices.

This is great shopping experience, then we wonder what is. The only limitation is that you cannot access their loans from phones.

5. Chipotle


It is frustrating to order a product online only to realize that the order did not reach the supplier. Chipotle eliminates the frustrations by allowing you to make your orders anywhere and anytime.

In Conclusion…


Use Omni channel marketing methods today and give your customers an excellent shopping experience. If you are stuck, seek the services of Lander. Our experienced staff will help you create an excellent Omni channel.