Okay. I love you

There are quite a lot of articles on the Internet a la: "Caution! Manipulator", "Recognize the manipulator and destroy!", "Recognize and run!". About the same amount and in the same vein as about the narcissist - the great and terrible one, which is often called a partner, if he is allowed to think first of all about his needs and interests. All the "scoundrels", "scoundrels" and "egoists" of the pre-psychological era migrated to narcissists. "Perverted narcissist!" - Shouts erudite manipulator).

But what if we look at manipulation not as a story about a villain, but as a kind of process.

So what is manipulation?

This is when a person does not directly say what he wants (about his needs and needs), but tries to get what he needs through a certain hidden scheme. Those. for some reason, he cannot openly express his need, and therefore, instead of directly asking for something, he creates a situation in which the other will provide what he wants, but in a forced way.

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