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10 Tweaks of an Effective Newsletter Landing Page

A  newsletter landing page is a really great way to stay engaged with your leads and stay on their minds and even increase your sales.

Online newsletters are very common but can be quite hard to write if you don’t do them correctly. This article will guide you in writing the best online newsletter landing page.

1. Why Do you Need a Newsletter Landing Page?


Before going ahead to write your newsletter, you should first do research to determine whether online newsletters really work in your industry and how your leads are likely to react to them.

This will also help you to know what type of information you should share on the newsletter, how much time it will take, how much creating the newsletter landing page will cost and what manpower will be required.

After taking all this into consideration you should reassess your company’s goals so as to know the right way to approach creating the online newsletter landing page.

2. Decide what Kind of  a Newsletter Landing Page you Want to Send


Ensure that your newsletter is focused on one topic so that it does not appear cluttered and messy.

Even though there are so many topics that you would like to write about in your newsletter, you should go with one topic for each online newsletter landing page that you create.

This will also help your leads to not get distracted and bored as they will only be getting information about one thing at a time.

3. Balance your Newsletter Content to be 90% Educational and 10% Promotional


Newsletter Landing Page


Most of the people who have subscribed to your page do not want to read about your products all the time.

If you only send your leads newsletters selling to them products they will more likely get bored and stop reading your newsletters. You should make sure that at least 3 out of 4 online newsletters you send to your subscribers have educational content.

You can send them an article talking about one aspect of your product that would enlighten then on things that they hadn’t known before.

Make sure that the information you send is relevant, timely and educational so as to capture the interest of the reader.

This will help to increase the rate of your leads opening your newsletter landing page and thus also increasing conversions and also lead generation.

4. Set Expectations on Your “subscribe” Page


Newsletter Landing Page


Once you have successfully accomplished the first 3 steps, you should make sure that communicate about the newsletters to your leads on your subscribe landing page.

You should ensure that you are specific in communicating about the newsletter. Tell your potential subscribers exactly what they should expect to find on your newsletter landing page and how often they will be receiving the newsletters.

This will allow the subscribers to know what exactly they will be walking into when they sign up for your site. When you are this open to your potential subscribers it will help to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your site and also reduce spam rates.

5. Get Creative with your Newsletters Subject Lines


When people subscribe to your newsletters it does not automatically mean that they will read them.

Most marketers will opt to use the same subject line for all their newsletters so as to increase familiarity with their subscribers but this is not the best way to approach this issue.

You should ensure that the subject matter for your newsletter motivates the subscriber to want to read it. The subject should be different, engaging and creative enough to attract the attention of the intended reader.

Ensure that you have a different subject line for each newsletter landing page that you create. The subject lines should be short and you can also try to infuse a little humor into these lines.

This will make the reader happy and encourage them to open your newsletter.

6. Pick one Primary Call-to-action


Newsletter Landing Page


A newsletter usually contains a number of CTAs on it but they should not all share the same prominence on the page. In every newsletter, there should be one major thing that you would like your subscribers to do.

The other CTAs should be optional for the subscriber in case he/she has the time. The main CTA should be simple enough so that the subscriber will know what to do right off the bat.

The main CTA should stand out above all the other CTAs. You can make it bolder, place it above the other CTAs or make it bigger than the other CTAs. This will increase the chances of your subscribers making a conversion.

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7. Keep Design and Copy Minimal


You should ensure there is enough white space in your newsletter and the copy should also be concise so as to prevent it from looking cluttered.

When the copy of your newsletter is concise you increase the chances of the subscribers to read the newsletter as the content won’t be too much.

You can share a link to the newsletter which the users can follow to get more information on the topic discussed in the newsletter.

The white space will help to reduce the appearance of clutter in the newsletter and also allow the reader to clearly see the CTA button.

8. Make Sure Images Have Alt Text


Newsletter Landing Page


Visual content is very important especially if you want to sell a product.

Most of the times you may find that a subscriber has not enabled images in their emails and thus the importance of adding alt text to your images so that the reader can see an alternative text describing what the image would have shown him/her.

If your CTAs buttons are images then it is vital you add alt text to these images. This will ensure that the subscriber will make a conversion even without seeing the image itself.

9. Make it Easy for People to Unsubscribe


When people know that they can easily unsubscribe or opt-out of your landing page then they will not feel caged or scared to sign up. This will also keep your subscribers active and keep them engaged.

You should ensure that the unsubscribe button is visible and you use simple language that does not scare off the potential subscriber. This will also prevent you from being put in the spam box.

10. Test


Newsletter Landing Page


After doing all the above and you are sure that you have come up with something that pleases you, you should make sure you test the newsletter.

This will help you to discover what works best for your subscribers. You can test out different newsletter designs and content to different groups of your subscribers so as to know what is more popular with which group.

Ensure that you test out you CTA language and design so as to know what will make the subscribers want to click your call-to-action button.

Testing will help to reduce the number of people who will opt to unsubscribe from your page and increase your open and click-through rates.



With these ten tips, you are guaranteed an effective newsletter landing page which will engage your customers and leads and increase sales as well.