New Website: Find Out What, How And Why We Changed It

New Website: Find Out How And Why We Changed It

If you've visited our website lately you've probably already noticed that we've changed a few things around. Actually, to be honest we've launched a complete redesign of our website, it’s a entirely a new site.

Because of that, we felt that it was high time to explain exactly what’s changed, how we did it, and also why we did it. And, we wanted to share it with you first hand so you can get in on what we've been up to lately.

The old site was cool but Lander’s explosive growth has brought more power and value to our users than ever before. So, that’s why we decided to re-launch with the new site, matching the power, intensity and simplicity of our app with all of the new features and growth. Here’s a brief summary below describing just what’s changed.

So What’s Actually Changed?

Our new website was designed to provide all of our visitors a great, yet different experience than before. Aside from just being more attractive, it’s also more interactive, easier to scan and easier to read and navigate, enabling visitors like you, to find what you need quicker and easier. 

We basically rebuilt our website architecture, reorganizing all of the information and dividing it into sections. We included info on our new templates, added some awesome user testimonials, redesigned the pricing page and totally revamped the homepage like never before. Let’s take a quick look here!

1. Homepage Focused on Conversion

New Website Launch: Homepage focused on Conversion

As you may have already seen, we've developed a completely new style of homepage. The old site allowed the visitor access to different options. For example, visitors could give us their email to subscribe to our newsletter, or if they kept scrolling, they found info on some of our most important features along with the option of creating a free account.

Now if you explore our new site, you’ll see that we’re trying to focus more on conversion. To accomplish this we've narrowed the choices for our visitors down to just two simple options. They’ll have to sign up or keep browsing through different sections like features, templates or reasons why to choose Lander.

Each slide on the homepage is focused on a specific user’s need, such as the creation of Landing Pages, the Templates, and finally the last one on reasons why lander can help you grow your business. Of course you’ll always have the option to create your account or go on to the next slide.

The rest of the pages of the website just have two primary calls to action that allow the visitor to either create the account, or keep exploring the site.

2. Storytelling From Each Slide And Telling The Whole Story

New Website Launch: Storytelling from each slide and telling the whole story.

As you may have read in our blog, storytelling can be a very powerful marketing tool, and that’s why we decided to put this tactic to use on our homepage. We used our home to tell a story separated into three different parts, a story where anyone can identify and relate.

In the first part you’ll see what looks like a kind of workplace desktop. This is a contemplative scene that represents a place where maybe somebody’s planning a new business and how to grow that business. The scene includes some common desktop elements like a coffee cup, post-it notes, pen, etc, we think it creates a sort of nostalgia in the visitors mind, allowing them to identify.

In the second scene we created a scenario that represents a workplace that’s more organized with a more established business with everything set and in order, such as after a start-up has been launched and is growing. To show that it was the visitor’s business the one that was growing we decided to keep some elements from the first slide, such as the post it and the markers.

And finally the third slide shows the same office but in a large building, focused on the success of that business once they have all their Landing Pages live and their online marketing campaigns are consistent and bringing in revenue and profits.

The idea behind the use of the whole story with the 3 slides is actually very simple. We try to create a correlation in the visitors mind between success and building Landing Pages with Lander’s platform. And by doing so, foster a mutual feeling of connectedness through which any business owner or marketer can quickly identify.

3.  Meet the Lander Team!

New Website Launch: Meet the Lander team!

When thinking about our new site and what to add, we decided that it was a great opportunity to unveil to our current and future customers the everyday people behind Lander.

We wanted to humanize our brand in a new way and with our older site we hadn't really achieved that. That’s why we decide to show a picture of each one of our team members!

We wanted to show our users around the world just how proud we are to be a part of this amazing team. So if you haven’t met us yet, stop by, drop us a line and get to know us! 

4. Features Page Completely Reorganized

New Website Launch: Features page completely reorganized

As we said previously, our app continued growing and we felt our site was outdated and holding us back. However, besides that we also realized that important info about our features were disorganized and not ordered by importance.

That’s why you can now find our three most important features first -Our Editor, A/B testing and Integrations-  and then afterwards find at the end of the page the rest of the features along with a simple description of each.

5. Exclusive Section For Our Templates

New Website Launch: Exclusive section for our new Templates

When we launched our older site we didn't have categories of templates, just the basic layouts. That’s why we wanted to take advantage of our new site and give our Templates their own exclusive section, so our visitors can have a detailed look at each one.

So now if you browse our Templates section you’ll see all of the categories and also be able to see a live version of each templates before you select. This way if you see one that you like right away, you’ll be able to create your account right from there.

6. Responsive Design

New Website Launch: Unveiling of our New Responsive Design

One of the items on our “To do List” when creating the new site was also to present it in a responsive design, and we decided early on that this would be one of our main priorities.

Mobile marketing is a potential goldmine and growing trend whether you are in the B2B or B2C realm. So, now unlike before, every website visitor can enjoy browsing our new site on their favorite phone or tablet. To be honest, we’re really proud of that, so if you’d like to comment about it, let us know!

7. More Clarity Regarding Our Pricing

New Website Launch: More clarity regarding our pricing

We realized that our older pricing page on our old website had too much confusing information. That’s why we decided to reorganize our pricing and basically just include the vital information, and big differences between each plan.

Also, we gave more prominence to the Frequently Asked Questions page, realizing that we needed to include some important questions that people can ask about our new Free Trial and different plans.

This way we can save you some time and get ahead answering many of your most pressing questions before you actually sign up.

8. Lander’s Unique Value Proposition

New Website Launch: User testimonials and Lander’s unique value proposition

Our old website didn't clearly state our unique value proposition and the hows and why Lander should be the platform that people choose when it comes to Landing Page creation.

We wanted it to show more relevance and offer tangible results of how users can benefit from Lander. And, what’s not a better way to do that other than through the use of some convincing user testimonials right?

Well, that’s exactly what we did! We contacted current users who had been using Lander for a while and asked them personally how Lander had helped grow their business during the time they've used our service.

We collected a bunch of written testimonials from most of them and then selected the ones that we thought best represented how users can benefit from using Lander.

Still Some Work Left To Do!

Still some work left to do!

Although all of this has been a monumental change for us and we've been working a lot, there’s still some important things we’re trying to get done. Here’s a few more things:

A Unique Landing Page for our Editor and A/B testing tool

If you look through our features page, you’ll see we've dedicated a large space to just features alone. But, because we wanted to show the whole power of our editor and A/B testing tool, we’re now working on some unique and different Landing Pages created exclusively for each one. Stay tuned because we know you’re gonna love it!

New and Complete Different Blog!

Our Blog will also be completely redesigned in a way that will accompany our new website design. We want to give all of our readers a totally different experience regarding reading blog posts. Don’t worry you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready!

What We Can Improve On And Make Better?New Website Launch: Here’s what we can improve on and make better

We’re super proud and happy with our new website and all the work we've put into it, but we know nothing can be completely perfect, and we also know there’s some things that we can improve.

For example, we know that our copy could be clearer and maybe we should include more about our target audience. More about who can use Lander and include the right audience that will find Lander a perfect fit for their business. Also, we could include more about how our editor differentiates more from some of our competitors.

But we want to know your opinion first and foremost so, what do you like the most? What would you change or what would you like us to include? We've been working hard on this to create a great website that shows all the power and simplicity of our app, and we think we've achieved that!

Lander Wins Site of the Day and Developer Awards!

Lander on Awwwards for the "Site of the Day"

We're very excited to announce that last May 7th we've been distinguished as "The Site of the Day" on Awwwards. And if that wasn't enough we also won the Developer Award, for our site's code quality.

We've been recognized by Awwwards, an entity that recognizes the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers, and we wanted to share our joy with you!

We’re proud of what we've put together and this is a perfect opportunity to know your thoughts regarding our new site!