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New SEO Hacks for a Better Landing Page in 2019

SEO hacks that would have won you many visitors and top rank in Google search results in 2018 might be slightly outdated for today. Not only that, they might even hurt your website rankings. As a SEO specialist, it stands without reason that your main goal is to reach the top of the list, gain more organic traffic, and boost your ROI, yes? And while may feel like you are falling behind and your competitors are already zooming past you, don’t worry. We have listed the new SEO hacks that you need to take under control in order to conquer 2019! Let’s begin, shall we?


Craft content that is consistent

We all know how significant a high-quality content is in driving traffic but what else can we add to make it the best? Here are a few things to keep in mind. Ensure that your posts are readable. Use short paragraphs and frame sentences that revolve around and support one idea. Use relevant subheadings and to make it crisp and clear, use bullet points as they always help give a quick read to the viewers. Keep ample white space between different sections to make the landing page readable.


Are you sure they’re the ones?

Sometimes, when you’re a newbie and do not know much about optimization and targeting, you usually end up being all over the place. And it might happen to even those who have been doing this for a while. However, it’s important to focus on and cater to the audience that frequently buys or avails products or services like yours. That’s why our SEO experts say that you should know who you are selling your product/services to. Try and connect with them and grasp as much information as possible regarding their needs and demands.   


Using updated keywords in voice search

Keywords have always been the precursors of jackpots in getting leads. Do your research well before writing your content down. Customer’s needs change on an everyday basis. So, your keywords shouldn’t be age-old either. Introduce the right keywords in the right places. Even when the search methods are shifting from typing to voice searching, keywords are always going to be in vogue. Incorporating long-tailed search phrases helps in getting on top of the search engine for those who swear by voice search.


Rich images and Youtube SEO

Remember how as kids we didn’t want to read much but loved going through those magically colorful pictures?? The audience is no different. Rather than the passage, they are more attracted to the pictures or videos. But don’t overdo it. Remember, a few relevant ones are going to convert at a higher rate than a hundred irrelevant ones. Besides Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine (according to Forbes) that you can make use of. Produce high quality and creative videos, use keywords for the title and the video description, and employ YouTube SEO tools to optimize it and get more likes and subscribers.  


Backlinking at its best

We all know how important backlinks are for SEO. According to Google, backlinks are still number one factor while determining search rank. However, it doesn’t mean you can make do with any link. That’s now how it’ll work. Low-quality links can be confused for potential spams and end up hurting your website. Only the high-quality ones that have been earned through great content are the ones that are extremely effective in pushing your ranks up.


Target local searches

Almost half the searches people make on their respective devices are local. Some of the top most are - local addresses, shops, and telephone numbers. So, you want to stay profitable, you cannot really ignore local SEO. That also means building and optimizing local landing pages. According to SEO expert’s SEO stats, 72% people searching for local businesses actually end up visiting the stores within a five mile radius. As you can see, there’s is just so much at stake if you don’t take into account local SEO.



Getting yourself updated at every step of your business is really important to keep the sales flowing. Faltering at may prove to be a huge downfall for your company’s vision. Upgrade your tools and update your knowledge every now and then. Keep doing regular A/B testing of what you create. Optimize your landing page and be cognizant of any changes in the policies of the social media platform you are using and keep abreast with the latest SEO hacks to achieve more.