New Feature: Auto-Fill Forms

New Feature: Auto-Fill Forms

You might have heard something about our newest feature, however we wanted to let you that our Auto-Fill Forms feature is now live and working! Find out everything about it in this post.

How Does an Auto Fill Form Work?

New Feature: Auto-Fill FormsFrom today onwards, Lander will automatically complete your Landing Page forms by remembering your Lead’s information filled out in previous forms. The best part is that this will work across all our users’ Landing Pages, so as our community grows, your pages will get easier and easier to fill out.

For example, if you already know the email address of your Leads, Lander will pre-fill the Email field for each unique lead when they visit your Landing Page.

How Will This Help My Landing Page?

New Feature: Auto Fill FormsThanks to our pre-filled forms expect your conversion rate to increase by 150% - 200%. Why? Because people tend to submit if their information is already loaded. They’re just one click away from your goal, thanks to this you’ll be saving them some valuable time and efforts.

How Do I Use This New Feature?

The great thing of our new feature is that you don’t have to do anything to start using it. From this day forward, all your Landing Pages forms will start tracking your visitor’s information, so the only thing that you have to do is sit and wait your conversion rate to increase!

What Information Will Lander Pre-Fill?

As long as your title fields are the same, your Landing Page forms will be already completed. If one of your leads has not given you their information for one of your form fields, then that or those fields will remain blank for them.

When is the Auto-Fill Feature Useful?

This is a great feature to help increase conversions, because the form is now doing your visitor’s work. But also you can use this feature to get more information from your current leads.

Let us say that you already have their Name, Email and Phone. But now you need their Company Name, their Role and let’s say their budget. Build a long form and most of the fields will be auto filled, then your visitors are more likely to fill the fields that are incomplete.

Now with all this information about your Leads you’ll be able to set up more targeted marketing campaigns. Use Auto-Filled forms to your advantage!

Don’t Have a Lander Account Yet?

Excited about this new feature but don’t have a Lander account? Don’t worry, create one for free here and start seeing some real results from your Lead Generation strategy.

Let us know what do you think about this new feature in the comments below!