Mobile Squeeze Page

Quick Tips to Create An Optimized Mobile Squeeze Page

What is a mobile squeeze page? One may ask. It is a web page set up for the purpose of acquiring contact information, such as the email address and names of potential customers or subscribers.

It is a strategy used mostly by online marketers to market their products or services. A mobile Squeeze page has slowly become the face of advertisements due to their ease and far-reaching capabilities.

Also known as landing pages, they are very important for e-mail marketing, as they allow internet users to connect with companies just by a click of the page.

The message on the page is a vital part of the whole marketing strategy. What one chooses to put up there, be it an image, video or text, determines whether clients will be persuaded enough to go ahead and click on a specific mobile squeeze page.

Why Mobile Squeeze Page?


Mobile Squeeze Page


Mobile Phones have slowly been replacing the use of desktop and laptop computers universally. All of one’s needs that had before been satisfied through the use of computers can today be catered for by a mere smartphone.

These smartphones are used for communication, entertainment, acquiring information and many more uses, through applications.

Emails are sent, received and viewed from smartphones. It is therefore imperative that the world of marketing changes with the times, and for those in online marketing to take their time to look into this shift in technological devices and use them to their advantage.

What Mobile squeeze page does is that it directs all potential clients to one’s page thus optimizing traffic, increases the number of opt-ins with the friendly interface and appealing look, persuading internet users to opt-in, monitors one’s progress in advertising and shows which areas are more productive, which bring in more traffic, and where there is need for change.

It also makes it easier to access the squeeze page for the potential client, as it is just a click away. It is a generally easier way to reach a larger clientele base in a shorter period of time, as it taps into the niche of mobile phone users.

To create a mobile squeeze page, one needs to put into consideration that: Smartphones are quite small, thus their keyboards cannot compare to those of desktop and laptop computers in terms of size and ease of use.

Their screens are also small in size thus making for smaller fonts and difficulty in reading texts. This limits the content of squeeze pages to only what is absolutely necessary.

Such is important to remember while coming up with a design for the squeeze page. The content should be mobile-phone friendly, whether an image or text.

It should be easy for the target market to opt into, as any kind of difficulty would mean fewer people having access.

Squeeze Page Designs


The squeeze page design has undergone several changes. Previously, there were these flashy designs, colorful, and were all of a similar layout.

Those that had red font all bold and with a heading all in capital letters, while more information was given in point form below this.

They also had a space provided for one to key in their details, that is their name and email address.

Today there are more options available for the online marketers. It is easier to connect with potential clients and build one’s email list.

There is no longer a need to key in anything as there are squeeze pages that simply require one to click on them and information is transferred instantly.

This means that on the squeeze page, there may be a button for the viewer to click on. You have seen them before, those labeled ‘Click Here’ so you can’t miss them.

This redirects one to a page set up for one to confirm their intentions. What are the tips on creating an optimized mobile squeeze page

Mobile Squeeze Page Tip #1: Target Audience


Mobile Squeeze Page


Who is the message directed to? The squeeze page should be specific to the audience one seeks to connect with.

The target audience should determine the design, the message, and the layout so that it attracts the people.

The target audience also informs marketers where to place their mobile squeeze pages, in what sites and at what times.

Mobile Squeeze Page Tip #2:  Headline


Come up with a creative headline that will enable all who view to know exactly what the squeeze page is about.

It should also be able to pique the interests of the people enough for them to click on the link. It should be simple enough for people to understand. It should also be able to keep their attention.

Mobile Squeeze Page Tip #3: Image Use


Mobile Squeeze Page


Squeeze pages depend on the visual senses of human beings. What one sees determines their perception and may be positive or negative.

Thus, having images relevant to the service or product may be the determining factor for whether potential customers opt in or not.

The image should tell more about the product or service offered. It supplements the headline. Furthermore, the image is usually the first thing one sees in a squeeze page, thus having an interesting and relevant one would increase opt-in potential.

Mobile Squeeze Page Tip #4: Creativity


What sets you apart from other competitors?  This is in the overall look of the squeeze page. Try to be as original as you can, to appeal to the target audience, and persuade them to opt for your firm.

Depending on what works better, one can opt for the all in one setup where one fills out their name and email address on the squeeze page or redirecting to another page that allows a preset email to be sent to interested parties.

Mobile Squeeze Page Tip #5: Renown Brands


One may also consider having well-known brands on the squeeze page. These may be sponsoring brands or those your company is affiliated with. These help with gaining the potential clients’ trust.

One is more likely to click on an ad if it shows affiliation with other popular trusted brands. This may be done by having the logo of the said brand on the squeeze page.

This specific step is especially important for starting brands that have yet to be known. People may be skeptical about trying a new brand, but such affiliations reassure them of credibility.

Once you have followed these steps, you are bound to increase your email list or clientele, who can then refer your firm to others. The possibility is endless.

However, there are these very annoying moments when people click on the link just because they can, and not necessarily because they are interested in the service or product offered. This always happens, do not fret.

To minimize such, one can try to have a two-step process, where the viewer clicks on the link and is redirected to a different page where they can confirm their interest.

There are tools offered for this purpose. This should be able to weed out idlers and leave only serious clients to subscribe to the product or service offered.

With these in place, all that is left is to wait for the traffic to start streaming in. Give it a try; don’t be left behind by the changing times.

Be at the top of online marketing with your very own mobile squeeze page for online business success.