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Mobile PPC Networks: 6 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile PPC Networks: It is common knowledge now that most of the internet traffic that we get today comes from mobile users.

Almost 80% of the total population does not leave their homes without their mobile phones. This comes from the desire people have of getting information anywhere anytime.

Most online businesses are now optimizing their websites for mobile devices. This has led to the rise of a number of mobile PPC networks.

Adwords is one of the best mobile PPC networks and it allows the business to get their ad campaigns in front of people who are on the go.

These types of prospects usually show great intent to make purchases. Many small businesses had decided to shy away from AdWords mobile PPC campaigns as they were complex and they required a lot of time to manage.

The good news is that Google recently made changes to their AdWords platform that makes it easier to implement a comprehensive mobile PPC program for businesses of all sizes.

These changes will also enable all marketers to set up a single campaign that will easily target users using multiple devices, user context which includes location, time and search query etc.

What you can do to Jumpstart your Mobile PPC Strategy


Despite the amazing additions to Google Adwords, there are still some marketers who feel intimidated by mobile PPC.

We will guide you through the right steps you can take to effectively set up a mobile PPC program that will work effectively and also get you a wider audience whenever and wherever they may decide to look for you.

Set Your PPC Goals

Mobile PPC

You should set SMART goals. These are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

PPC campaigns are largely results driven thus making it critical for you to set goals and document.

Both your PPC and mobile marketing strategies must align with your overall business goals.

Some examples of goals include: enhancing CTR, increasing the number of conversions etc. They may also focus on specific customer engagement metrics such as map lookups.

Define your Audience

Mobile PPC

Precisely targeting your audience helps you to zero in on searches that are highly intent on the purchase.

Something that may assist in this is having a solid understanding of context such as time, location and device used in the search.

This will help a lot in determining which queries better match your ads. The following 5 questions will greatly help you in this step:

• Who are your prospects? Here you should consider age, gender, level of education, location etc

• What are they looking for?

• When are they usually online searching for information on your brand?

• Where are can you find them both online and in the real world?

• Why are they searching for information and why does that make you the best solution?

The insights you get from answering the above questions will give you a better understanding of which your audience is and also helps drive up your ad creativity.

Determine the Keywords for your Mobile PPC


This is the most important aspect of your mobile PPC campaign. This helps communicate to the PPC ad platform which user search should trigger your ad to appear and also enlightens users on what your brand is all about.

Context is very important when it comes to mobile PPC as different internet users will use different keywords to search for information on their mobile device.

More than 50% of users on mobile phones are intent on making a purchase within an hour of conducting a search.

This makes choosing the right keywords vital if you would like to stay ahead of your competition.

There are so many different keyword combinations available which can make choosing the right one very difficult.

You can use the Lander keyword suggestion tool to find unique keywords and phrases that are sure to bring you success.

The tool is able to analyze your site data and traffic so as to uncover the most relevant keywords searchers are actually using so as to find you.

You should also use negative keywords to enable Google to discover those keywords and phrases you don’t want your ad to appear for.

Optimize your Adwords Ads and Landing Pages for Mobile

Mobile PPC

Most people will move between devices and most of them use their mobile devices. Most internet searchers choose to make a purchase after a mobile search.

This makes it vital for you to tailor your ads and landing pages to match the kind of intent key in making you mobile PPC a success.

Determine which Network to Use


Knowing the best mobile PPC network that will work for your ad campaign can be a bit challenging.

This will require you to test different networks first. You can do this by creating universal App campaigns (UAC) within AdWords which are quite easy to set up.

All you will need to have is an AdWords account, your PPC goal and a couple of sentences for your ad copy.

The platform will then take care of getting your ad in front of the users they believe will be best on search, YouTube and Google display network.

You can also create a mobile PPC ad campaign on Facebook. You can even target potential users based on their interests, demography or behaviors.

You can also choose to create campaigns without any audience targets so as to better understand and identify your ideal audience.

You also have the option of placing your ad on Instagram but this will only work if your target audience is younger and you also don’t mind a costly CPI.

If you already have the knowledge that the best audience for your brand is IOS users then you should definitely run your ads on Apple Search Ads.

These ads are quite easy to set up but they will require you to put in a lot of thought in the structure of your campaign since this platform also runs on keywords.

Know your CPI (cost per install) Goal


Here you will need to know what the lifetime value of your user is. Find out whether Android users have a higher LTV compared to IOS users.

For you to gain revenue from a campaign the LTV has to be higher than your CPI.

You may choose to run your mobile PPC ad campaign without knowing your LTV but then you have to be aware that the amount you spend may not bring you profits.

It is better to concentrate on first generating volume and then efficiency.

At first you CPI may be higher than expected but you should test your CPI threshold so as to be able to test and understand the CPI volume available.



Mobile PPC networks are becoming the most important platforms for online marketing. They enable businesses to get their offers in front of users who are actually willing to make purchases thus increasing their revenues.

We have been able to establish that one needs to choose the right keywords for them to perform great on different mobile PPC networks.

The better your ad performs on such networks the larger your audience will be. Don’t be left behind, optimize for mobile ads.