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7 Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Marketers 2018

Most marketers use their smartphones to do all of their mobile marketing. They use their phones to post content on social media, search for contacts and so much more.

The number of people who own smartphones is so large and this has necessitated the need for mobile apps. There are apps for everything, some for switching on the light and even apps that time you when brushing your teeth.

There are amazing marketing apps that can be really great assets to modern-day marketers. Here is a list of some amazing work-based apps that will make your life as a marketer a little easier:

Mobile Marketing #1: Buffer


Trying to juggle the different social media platforms available to you as a marketer can be a little overwhelming and that’s where buffer comes in handy.

Buffer is a tool that will post your content on multiple sites at the best time on your behalf thus preventing you from having to hop from one platform to the next copy-pasting content.

This app allows you to link all your social media pages such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. and also queue your tweets to be released at the exact time you would like.


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This helps to give marketers a break as everyone else will think that they are just regular updates from you and you won’t have to do the manual updates yourself.

Mobile Marketing #2: Slack


Slack is a revolutionary app in communication. This app makes it possible for you to message specific teams at the office, specific individuals and even external stakeholders, clients, and freelancers.

This is a great alternative to sending work group emails because you may find that maybe one of the individuals you wanted to communicate with decided to work from home and hence doesn’t get the email.

This software also allows you to transfer documents with just one click of a button and can be really helpful when working on something that needs to be sent back and forth. This is the best tool to use especially for topic and project-specific communication.

Mobile Marketing #3: Wunderlist


Wunderlist is like the modern day to-do list and can hold all your day to day tasks. This is a wonderful app especially for those people who love to be organized.

This app allows you to divide your list into different topics and share with your colleagues. It even allows you to see when one of your colleagues ticks off a task on the list you sent out thus preventing that particular task from being done twice.

This app allows you to track your task list on all your devices whether it’s your phone, laptop or tablet.

This app allows the user to set deadline dates and update your list instantly at any time. This app is pretty easy to use and has many features that will ensure you keep your tasks on schedule.

Mobile Marketing #4: LastPass


LastPass is an app that will help you in remembering your passwords. This app provides you with a strong master password and keeps all your passwords in a digital vault that is protected by various encryptions and algorithms.

This is particularly helpful if you have multiple passwords you need to keep track of from different platforms and devices.

It allows you to sort out your password problem in the event that you are locked out of one of your devices.

All you have to do is access LastPass from a different device and the app will do the rest. This app also has a password generator that comes in handy when you need to come up with a new password.

Mobile Marketing #5: Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social media management app. This app is very adamant in customer engagement and employee participation.

It makes it easy for you to plan how to progress with your social media presence by mapping out your engagement statistics.

The app also has some default admin settings that make it possible for your employees to like and quickly respond to customer activity.

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The app also allows you to set a budget and keep the planning and admin costs within the budget.

It also allows you the opportunity to schedule your social media posts in advance thus giving you the time to engage with potential prospects on behalf of your client and thus provide further value to them.

It is important as a marketer to stick to one social media manager app despite all the other apps cropping up. This will help you to build those relationships with your prospects and maintain them.

Mobile Marketing #6: Teamwork


Teamwork is a three series app that comprises of Desk, Projects, and Chat. All three apps were created to compliment each another.

The project part of the app can be used to create to-do lists, allocate work to the different members of your team and also complete estimates on the time it took to complete the work.

The Chat aspect of the app is amazing when it comes to communication as you can keep in touch with all your team members.

The Desk part of the app allows your team members to connect with your customers via a digital help desk.

This app uses an email server that all the team members and clients can access remotely and allows the team members to get allocated the right client email.

Mobile Marketing #7: Trello


Trello is an organization app that helps you as a marketer to keep in touch with all the people who are working on a project with you.

It allows you to keep track of your partner’s schedule without having to be in the same physical location.


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It is a very easy app to use and you can create an organization chart for your corporate in different environments that allows you to maintain the flow of work.

With Trello, you don’t need to download any software and you can access it from anywhere through your phone.

It has a detailed and transparent action plan, highlights who is involved in the project and what stage the project has reached so far.

The app also allows all the stakeholders, whether internal or external, to see what exactly needs to be done and who would be the right person to do the task.

This ensures that the deadline to submit the project is not missed. As a marketer, you have to deal with multiple campaigns at a time and this makes Trello and indispensable app to have at hand.

The app has a very easy to use interface that makes it possible for anyone to use it. It has a number of other useful features such as checklists and the ability to add members to a card.It has also integrations with third-party apps for workflow automation or for projects back up by exporting data to Excel or other platforms. If you hadn’t already started using Trello you should start now.



The above apps are guaranteed to ease your job as a marketer. They will keep you organized and help you stay on top of all the tasks that you have to take on.

Marketers already have too much work on their hand and they should take whatever measures are available to them to ease the burden even a little.

With the proliferation of mobile and smart devices, these apps will put the tools literally in the hands of every marketer for effective marketing success in the digital age.

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