Mobile Landing Pages Best Practices

Mobile Landing Pages Best Practices

Now that everything is moving around the mobile sphere, it is crucial that, in addition to an appropriate strategy, all marketing strategies has a Mobile Landing Page that is well organized, simple and fast to load.

But, as always, things are not that easy. There is always something to worry about. A Mobile Landing Page is simply a landing page optimized to run smoothly on a mobile device.

In other words, it is an optimized mobile site that your potential customers will access when any of your ads won their interest, such as the result of a search engine, a link in an email, a facebook ad, AdWords ad, etc.

The overall goal of a mobile landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads. The way that your mobile Landing Page achieves that, depends on your campaign goal and the type of Landing Page you’re using.

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Mobile Landing Pages Best Practices

1. It Must Be Functional And Intuitive

When the user comes to your mobile page they have to immediately find all the information they need: what is the purpose of the landing page, what should be their next step, how to make that next step.

Without these guidelines your landing page is useless and it is likely that users will abandon it before taking any action. Users who access through mobile devices are interested in performing an action.

If they can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave the page to never to return.

"A mobile Landing Page shouldn’t be a reformed and squalid version of your regular website. The question is not simply adjust it to fit on the screen of a mobile device, it is essential to analyze what aspects of their functionality may become relevant for someone who is in transit." Tim Ash, CEO of

2. You Must Ask For the Minimum Information Possible

The amount of information you request through the registration form is an important factor when creating your mobile landing page look.

If all you really need is the email address then limit it to that particular field. If you ask for a phone number it is better to let visitors know why you ask.

Note the more fields they have to fill, more likely it is to leave the page without even completing the form. You should not put many obstacles by asking many fields to fill.

Once you've captured your potential customers through a mobile landing page, you have what it takes to offer your products in the future to those people.

3. Long and Short Titles

Draws your mobile visitor’s attention with a witty headline and attractive paragraphs introduction.

The headline should have a maximum of three or four words and be written in a clear typography.  Don’t forget to include your keywords.

Try to break up the rest of the text into different items, that way it’s going to be easy to read from a sustained hand mobile device distance.

4. Make Buttons Call to Action Visible And Accessible

Your call to actions should stand out.

Try to make it eye-catching by the button size, its location, the negative space that surrounds it or simply by contrasting with the rest of the page.

You must provide a large and vivid call to action buttons.

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5. Make it Easy to Navigate Through Your Content

Make sure users will find on your Landing Page the most important information. In general, the fewer the distractions, the more effective it is.

Try to use elements that limit the amount of text on the screen, for example, content box, which allows seeing all the content without scrolling down the page, touch content galleries or drop-down lists.

You should implement everything that allows you to make your mobile landing page easier to read and use.