Best Examples of Mobile App Landing Pages To copy

Mobile is the dominant computing platform of this generation, but plenty of people still discover and download apps from traditional websites.

Since the launch of the app store, we’ve seen countless posts on the topic of landing page inspiration and optimization that commonly tout the obvious: showcase a benefit; establish a clear call to action; place a download button above the fold, etc.

In 2015, these patterns have solidified and continued to evolve. See some of the best examples of app landing pages of the year below:

Mobile App Landing Pages: Operator


Mobile App Landing Pages


Operator is the best example of 2015’s big shift to non-scrolling landing pages, making it one of the best examples of mobile app landing pages.

It’s extremely difficult to introduce an app, articulate its value, and offer it for download on a single page while maintaining visual clarity. Operator does an incredible job of all three, with room to spare for header and footer links. A friendly emoji even welcomes visitors to the app’s waiting list.

Mobile App Landing Pages: Mylo


Mobile App Landing Pages


Previewing an app’s capabilities is an important feature of today’s landing pages, many of which integrate demonstration videos.

Mylo has done the best job by implementing an auto-play feature along with a narrator (defaulted to mute), which clearly details the app’s value.

Following the splash, Mylo introduces visitors to its app, brand, and values with fashionable full screen photography, highlighting the company’s philosophy of simple living.

Mobile App Landing Pages: Swifty


Mobile App Landing Pages


Swifty takes in-app demonstrations to another level with a live demo that encourages users to test the app on their landing page.

If you interact with the demo, you receive your first one minute lesson, followed by another trend that has emerged this year.

The replacement of “Download on the App Store” with “Get the App”, mirroring the App Store’s recent shift in language. Clearly, one of the best examples of mobile app landing pages.

Mobile App Landing Pages: Facebook Moments


Mobile App Landing Pages


Explainer videos are nothing new on landing pages, but the production value of the Moments video, and its completely seamless integration into the browser, certainly is.

The player is completely embedded into the browser, and the video’s first screen matches the landing page. This enables the Moments site to transition seamlessly from browser to video.

The video is clear, well animated, and unique, explaining the value of the app while barely showcasing it.

Mobile App Landing Pages: Facebook Messenger

Mobile apps are becoming more than just mobile apps: they’re becoming single pieces of a cross-platform strategy that encourages users to connect on any device with transferable data and a consistent experience.

In addition to showcasing their ubiquity across phones, Messenger includes a laptop view of the app in the background, making it clear that Messenger is a cross-platform app that can be used anywhere.

Add an integration that retains your Facebook login and greets you by name rather than asking you to Sign In (not pictured above) and you’ve got a messaging app that feels like it will follow you anywhere.

Here are the best landing pages for your mobile app

Mobile App Landing Pages: Trippeo


With their compelling single page narrative following a user app experience, Trippeo is best landing page for interactive design, rich media integration, and digital advertising.

The site is well realized with a smooth, animated flow, a subtle (but effective) use of video, and a clear value proposition told through a simple story. It’s questionable, however, if sites like this convert. Either way, it’s a pleasure to browse through.

The mobile version of app landing pages has the same headline, same copy, and the same images. Again, what it doesn’t have are the navigation links at the top of the page.

Another thing the mobile version doesn’t have is the CTA button that scrolls along with you. Mobile responsive landing pages are here to stay.