Microsite Landing Pages

Examples of Best Microsite Landing Pages To Copy

A microsite is an individual web page or small cluster of web pages that act as a separate entity for a brand. A microsite typically lives on its own domain, but some exist as a subdomain.

Microsites can be used to help brands achieve a number of things. For example, some companies have used them to highlight a specific campaign or target specific buyer personas. Others have used them to tell a short story, or to inspire a specific call-to-action.

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Some examples of the best microsite landing pages are listed below:

Microsite Landing Pages #1: YearInMusic.Spotify.com


Aside from serving as a painful reminder of how many Justin Bieber songs I listened to on repeat last year, Spotify's Year in Music has proven to be one of the most well executed microsites we've ever seen.

Commonly referred to a "celebration" of the music that carried us through the year prior, Spotify's interactive site is personalized especially for you, based on your listening habits.

What exactly does that mean? Well, the tool makes it easy for you to create a personalized recap that incorporates details such as your first played song, top artists by season, and how much time you spent listening.

The experience is unique to the user, making it fun for them to share and compare their synopsis with their friends.

And when it comes to sharing, the microsite makes it really easy. Every stat that the site pulls for you can be shared on social media thanks to a handy button at the bottom right of the screen, making it one of the best microsite landing pages out there.

Microsite Landing Pages #2: DangersOfFracking

Microsite Landing Pages


In an effort to gain support for the FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act), Interaction and Industrial Designer Linda Dong designed a beautiful microsite that uses parallax design to tell the story about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing.

The story starts with a water droplet falling from a cloud, and as you scroll down through the site, you follow the water droplet as it's taken from truck to fracturing site, turned into tracking fluid, and sent down a gas well into the ground.

Along the way, you encounter floating facts and statistics about the dangers of fracking until you encounter two simple calls-to-action at the very end: "Contact your local officials" and "Join or support your local organization."

If your “supposedly best microsite landing pages” focuses on one or two calls-to-action, make sure they are concise and actionable like this one is, and that you set them apart visually from the rest of the site by making the font color pop or putting the copy in a button.

Microsite Landing Pages #3: UrWhatUPost


Microsite Landing Pages


"Why should junk food get all the glory?"

You're asked this question when you first arrive to BoltHouse Farms' microsite, UrWhatUPost.com. BoltHouse Farms created the site to show people how many social media conversations were happening about healthy foods versus unhealthy foods.

To do this, they collected #UrWhatUPost hashtag and tracked the kinds of foods we share on social media. And, then pit the healthy stuff, like #grapes, against the unhealthy stuff, like #icecream.

The goal of the website is aligned with their overall company mission: To change the way people think (and post) about healthy food.

Microsite Landing Pages #4: Dominosdxp


Last year, Domino's announced their new Chevy Spark pizza delivery cars, known as DXPs. The cars were purposefully re-engineered for pizza delivery, and as a result, they boast a ton of awesome features -- like an oven where the left door should be, space for up to 80 pizzas, custom storage for sauces and drinks.

To show off this awesomeness, they recently launched a dedicated microsite detailing all things DXP. The site is heavily interactive website that enables visitors to zoom in each of the features to gain a better understanding of the purpose and level of thinking that went into each addition.

The entire site is also skillfully animated, making it really interesting to learn about each feature.
Most people and even you might think microsites are just high-priced mini websites with cool Flash animations, visually stunning presentations but low or zero SEO value.

But like we just saw, they can boost the leads captured by your landing page immensely. These were the best microsite landing pages out there. So, you know what to do now!