Microsite Design

Microsite Design: What is it and Why Should You Make One?

Microsite is a smaller website that is very different from the main website of the company. A microsite design is usually temporary and serves a specific purpose.

Some of these Microsites have their own URL while others are just on a subsection of the company’s main website.

Microsites are able to launch a campaign or product promotion in a unique way that the main site cannot. It does this through creativity and also serving a single purpose which is to promote that product.

It helps to get rid of all those distracting and cluttering content found on the main website.

They are able to integrate the design with the content and give the marketer complete control over how the website will look and feel.

This will help the marketers to be able to push their prospects to take action a lot quicker than they would on the company’s main website.

Microsite Design Practices


It is not enough to just have a Microsite you have to ensure that it is an effective one and it increases your brand’s conversion rates.

The following tips will guide you through this task and ensure you get satisfying results.

Microsite Design Tip #1: Keep It Short and Simple


Microsite Design


You should make sure that your Microsite is short enough a maximum of 4 pages.

The content on the page should be clear and precise when introducing the brand and explaining to the users why they should take you up on your offer.

It is important that you don’t take for granted the fact that the people visiting your Microsite are already interested in what you have to offer, you should ensure that you sell the benefits of your product and motivate these people to take immediate action.

Microsite Design Tip #2: Define Clear Engagement Points


Microsites are usually created for one major purpose. You should make sure that the CTA, contact forms or ticket checkouts are clear and can easily be accessed by the Microsite visitors.

The Microsite is supposed to act as an extended landing page for your company’s main website.

It should contain a guiding performance metric that will help you judge the Microsite’s performance.

When you align the content together with the message of the Call to Action you will increase its relevancy and interest.

Microsite Design Tip #3: Embrace a Design That Is Bold and User-Friendly


Microsites enable you to be creative and indulge in different designs that go against the grain of a normal website design.

With Microsites, you are allowed to be bold in your design and use new colors and typography.

You should also make sure that the Microsite’s navigation is intuitive enough that the users can easily find the information they need on the website.

Microsite Design Tip #4: Stay On the Brand


It is important that even if you are getting adventurous with your Microsite design don’t let it stray too far from the brand you are promoting.

This will help the visitors know that the Microsite is affiliated with your company’s main website and thus eradicate a lot of confusion.

Microsite Design Tip #5: Link Back To the Parent Site


There are some visitors who may find your Microsite through an organic searches, social media or even referral links and thus may not know a lot about your company.

It is important that you invite them to learn about what your company is all about by including the company’s logo and then linking them back to the main company website.

This will really help in increasing your conversion rate and also increase the number of quality leads that you get.

Microsite Design Tip #6: Spread the Word On Social Media


Microsite Design


Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. This makes it an amazing avenue to spread the word about what you are offering.

You can promote your band’s Microsite on social media channels and ask your fans to share your link with their social networks that increasing your reach tremendously.

Microsite Design Tip #7: Consider Using a Unique URL


When you use a unique URL for your Microsite will generate better branding as well as increased SEO opportunities that will establish your Microsite as a legitimate, semi-independent venture instead of just another blog entry or new page on your primary website.

The aim you want to achieve is important enough to warrant its own unique website.

Microsite Design Tip #8: Contact and Donate


It is important to include a contact form or a donate/contribute button on your Microsite depending on what your brand is all about.

Microsite Design Tip #9: Prioritize Your Content


You may have a bank of content that you would like to share with your visitors but it is important to just share what is critical to the campaign you are currently pushing.

Most visitors will spend just a few seconds on your page and thus necessitate that you prioritize the information that you put on your Microsite.

You have to put content that will make them want to find out more about what you are advertising and thus keep them on your page longer.

You should post all your best photos and succinct content for your users to view and then prompt them to take action.

Microsite Design Tip #10: Identify Different Ways for Your Users To Participate


It is important to give a number of different ways in which your users can help you out even if they cannot make a purchase.

You can give them the option of making a donation or even just sharing your Microsite link with their social network so as to help spread the word about what you and what you have to offer.

This will go a long way to increase the number of valuable leads you get and also increase your conversion rates and consequently increase your revenue.

You can also invite the visitors to join your mailing list in the event that they do not want to do any of the other actions you have suggested to them.

Microsite Design Tip #11: Engage and Direct


Microsite Design


You should make sure that you convince your users why they should care about your brand and even make a decision to convert.

Once this is done you should guide your users on simple ways in which they can act on their interest in your products or services. This will go a long way in converting these visitors into long-term customers.

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If you are a marketer and you have not yet created a Microsite to push your company’s agenda then it’s about time that you did.

A Microsite can prove to be one of the most important marketing tools you have.

From all what we have shared with you above always remember that you have to be bold in your design but keep your content very simple and also encourage various forms of participation that are also easy for the users.

There are so many other ways to optimize your Microsite but if you follow the ones listed above you are assured to come up with a site that ensures success for your efforts.

I would like to appreciate you for taking the time off to read this article. I hope that the information we provided in this article was valuable to you and will help you in designing better Microsites.