Conversion Rate

Make your Conversion Rate to be More Than Just Good

'Conversion' refers to changing the onlookers into buyers. It is  vital in the paid search strategy. A high landing page conversion rate means that you have managed to convince a high number of prospective customers into becoming your  actual customers.

Conversion rate optimization’ is the process of finding the balance that leads to the highest rate of buys.

The main way to achieve a good landing page conversion rate is through deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time

So,  always have your Buyer Personas for maximizing landing page conversion


Yes … a fictitious “person” who relates and resonates with the majority of a specific group that visits your website.


Learn how to create Buyer Personas Here

Unique landing page

Humans are made up into 4 types





When it comes to effective landing pages, be sure to address the more competitive & spontaneous types with a strong, engaging message with a direct call to action.

For your methodical visitors, include thought-provoking content near the top and on that page, draw them in further down the sales funnel.

Ex: A 6 step guide to “something amazing”

Now you are taking the visitor down the funnel to get more leads:

From now on you can track…

  1. Who is going to each landing page?
  2. What percentage are leaving quickly (bounce rate)
  3. What keywords they are putting into search engines
  4. What country/city they are from? (Demographics)
  5. Their goals - as  it paints a bigger picture of who they are. 

You should have anywhere between 4-7 personas to be effective, to have a huge opportunity to capture the attention of any person who comes across your landing pages when they make a search.

They are already interested in what you offer! Just show them that you are the best fit for their time and investment.

Make personas, who sound like actual people with respect to attitude, quotes, age, job, dislikes.


Your personas helps you to develop relationships with your visitors

Congratulations! This is your HUGE FIRST STEP towards higher conversions!

When you create your personas, ensure your copywriters have a strong feel for who they are, and can put themselves in the shoes of each persona to create the best-quality content possible.

Lander can help you create beautiful high-conversion Landing Pages based on personas.

It is important to find the right balance between the money invested and the conversion made; the ideal way is to spend an optimum amount of money on the conversion process while still maintaining a high conversion rate for the business.

Further, it is important to understand that achieving a good landing page conversion rate is a process which requires periodic tracking and data analysis. It is only through an analysis of your conversion data that you will know what is working for you and where you need to improve.

Now that you are clear about persons, here is everything that you need to know about a good landing page conversion rate:

The purpose of every landing page is to capture leads and warm them up before sending them further down to the sales funnel. Every detail of the page should have a deeper purpose for being there other than a need to fill up space.

From the size and color of the call-to-action button to the length of the copy, every choice made should have a strategic reasoning behind it. Once a foundation for the page is ready, it’s time to test it.

Run yourself through the list of some tips to improve the landing page’s conversion rate

The above five-step guide should give you a foundation to optimize each element of the landing page, leading to improved conversion rate on your landing page, eventually taking your business to new heights.

High landing page conversion rates are what distinguish average companies from successful ones. You should note that most traditional means of conversion rate optimization are really not as effective as most people think.

Final tips for a good landing page conversion rate:

conversion rate tips
Reduce risk - clients are much more willing to buy a product when there are testimonials from other buyers.

Leverage scarcity - an increase in desire for a product is sometimes noted when the quantity of a product is reduced. Further to that, a clean landing page interface is also more attractive than a cluttered one.

A good conversion rate is a good marker that you are communicating well with your clients and that your marketing and visibility efforts are working.

It is one of the best indicators of growth for your business and therefore, landing page conversion rate is an essential aspect of monitoring how well a business is doing.

Now that we know all about the conversion rate, what it means and how to achieve it, focus on the designs. They play a crucial part of optimizing conversions.  

Designing the perfect landing page can feel like a huge task, but there are plenty of resources available to help. Have a look at some infographics with tips to improve your landing pages

It isn't just color and layout. A copy is a major determining factor in whether users take the specific action the landing page suggests. A high-converting landing page needs to present a unique value proposition, a consistent message and persuasive content, all within a very small amount of space.

Poorly worded headlines and using the homepage of your website as a landing page are huge mistakes that can cost you conversions. In addition, you need to avoid a disjointed feel between the ad that users clicked and the copy on the landing page.

Eliminate generic words whenever possible. "Subscribe" and "submit" do not do much to inspire conversions, especially if there is no other wording on the button. Communicating the benefit to the viewer can be more effective, such as using a phrase like, "Start my free trial."

Now that we have come to an end, let's dive into the tools that help you in achieving all the above.

For someone working in an industry that requires conversion rate optimization, things can get a little stressful as you try to come up with new ways to retain the attention of those who visit your website.

After all, that is what conversion rate optimization boils down to, with it being a process of increasing the number of people who take the desired action among those who visit the website.

This could be anything from becoming your customers to filling out information about themselves or signing up for a newsletter. CRO helps you understand how users move through your website, the actions they take while they are on it, and to identify the problems that keep them from completing the goals you have set for them.

It is a commonly known fact that CRO and marketing go hand in hand. This means that once implemented properly, a CRO tool can save a huge portion of your resources including time and money. Many of these tools can also help you in performing qualitative research to find out useful insights directly from your customers.

Choosing the right CRO tool becomes important because it plays a crucial role in your website’s performance, and thus, in turn, your company’s. Once your website is optimized according to your customer’s needs and preferences, it becomes so much more efficient to convert visitors. So which CRO tool should you choose? And how should you be spending your lead conversion budget?

There are so many to choose from, it becomes hard to choose just the right one. So, here are five CRO tools specific to the needs you have for your website.


If you belong to an industry that holds conversion rate optimization as a top priority, all you have to do is decide the priorities for your business at the moment. Only then can you decide what you wish to focus on and avoid losing your precious time and money.
Once you have decided, you can test out different website layouts that will work for your potential visitors.
This way, you will be able to present a personalized experience for your visitors, thus allowing you to increase your conversion rates.