Little Tricks to Make Your Emails More Clickable

Little Tricks to Make Your Emails More Clickable

Getting customers to open emails is half the battle in your campaigns. Even if you pour time and effort into the layout and content of your messages, it won't matter unless recipients take the time to open them.

Although your audience may be highly engaged, it's very easy for emails to get lost in the inbox based on the volume of messages customers receive every day.

How can you make your emails stand out so users click on them?

Consider Your Audience

Your target market's concerns and preferences should guide your email strategy. If your messages don't meet their expectations, you could see a drop in open rates. Most marketers want to create a balance between their customers' needs and their own goals, according to Vertical Response. Consumer preferences are especially important if you use newsletters.

While it's tempting to share all your best content for the month through an email newsletter, clients may scroll through the message, click on an article that interests them and forget to come back to the original message.

It may be better to include one full article in the newsletter. This approach also accommodates mobile users more easily.

Different consumer groups may have varied preferences for how often they want to be contacted by a brand, and it's important to take notice of this as well.

A/B Testing

Acknowledging your subscribers' preferences is important, but A/B testing can reveal a lot more about how your campaigns are performing. Everything from the headline, call to action, content and even the color scheme should be tested.

Additionally, you should follow your campaign metrics over time. How many people are clicking links in each email? You can also do split testing where half your audience gets one email format and the other half gets another.

Choose Your Own Content for the Preview

Most email clients pull the first sentence out of an email and display it as the preview, which is the snippet of text users see before they open the email.

You can set your own preview text and use it to offer a quick overview of what the email contains to entice recipients to click. The default preview may not be as interesting to readers, which makes this a wasted opportunity.

Send the Message From a Person, Not Your Company

Addressing the email from a specific person instantly makes your campaign more personable. This can even increase your open rates. HubSpot conducted A/B tests on more than 50,000 emails and found that personalizing the sender's name and email address causes a 3 percent increase in open rate.

Although most marketers address messages from their company, putting a name on is more effective. Again, this depends on your audience. A combination of your company name and and a specific person's name may be the best choice for your brand.

Modify the Plain Text Version of the Email

This is important for enabling a better mobile experience. Some email clients do not support the HTML-rich version of an email, so recipients may see a garbled mess instead. Optimize the plain text version so users can still get the gist of the message even if it doesn't display.

You can cut out extra text and spaces and shorten URLs to make it easier for recipients to read the content. Meanwhile, adding alt text to your calls to action ensures everyone will see them, even if a button doesn't display through a reader's email program.

What other tricks do you use to make emails more clickable?