Lead Generation Landing Pages

Key Design Tips for a High-Converting Lead Generation Landing Page

The lead generation landing page is a stand-alone page that allows you to get details such as name and email address of visitors who have an interest in a product or service you offer.

The lead generation landing page template is an essential for online marketing as it gives you a place to make sales over time again and again as well as communicate with the visitors through the information they submit such as emails to their email addresses.

The sole purpose of the lead generation landing page is to collect the details, and nothing else.

Therefore, to collect them more easily, you would need to offer something in return, such as some information on the product, a short course or a webinar. To ensure this purpose is served, several things have to be in place.

The lead generation landing page consists of several elements including:

• The business name or brand name.

• Product or service description which is usually brief.

• Call to action button.

• Image or video content.

The successful landing page needs to be able to get a lot of conversions. It calls for specific steps aimed towards achieving this purpose. So where do you start?

Lead Generation Landing Page


Lander has a reservoir of landing page templates and skilled creators of the same, which you can then customize keeping in mind several key areas to make it outstanding.

While customizing it, you will need to keep in mind that you are trying to attract more visitors so that they join the list and leave their details there.

The Headline

Lead Generation Landing Page

The headline needs to be clear and visible enough. The visitor who lands on your page may only be mildly interested in what is there. You want to make sure you make the seconds of their attention count.

Avoid fonts that are hard to read, and make sure the headline is self-explanatory. It should also be in tandem with the ad that led them to the lead generation landing page to begin with.

The Image or Video


You may have an image on your lead generation landing page. Ensure that the image is of good quality and that it is relevant to the message being sent. Stay away from abstract images, you want the visitors to get exactly what you want to tell them from the image.

In choosing an image, go for one that gives the client an idea of what to expect once they leave their information there. You can choose the image of the product on offer in case you have one.

If you decide to have the video, ensure that it is a short one. Do not bore your visitors with a long, detailed video. You are working against the concentration span of a visitor who may have bumped into your ad and clicked on it out of curiosity.

Further Details


You will also be able to add on your lead generation landing page further information on the offer. Here you may have a bullet list of some of the benefits of what you offer. Explain to the visitor why they should leave their email address there, by pointing out what they stand to gain.

The Offer

Lead Generation Landing Page

For any landing page to be great, there needs to be an offer or incentive of some kind. This also appears as a feature there.

It may be something free, such as a free short course, or some resource material on a subject within the field you are in.

Whatever you decide upon, ensure that you tell the visitors clearly that they will get it once they leave their email address.

The Call-to-action Button


This may be the most important one. It should be unmissable by visitors. They need to know right away that their email address is required which means it should be big, visible and contrasting with the rest of the items on the page such that it stands out.

Imagine a landing page where the call-to-action button is too small, or one has to scroll down the landing page to find it.

The visitors would most likely miss it and quickly shift to other things. Have it very visible to avoid such.

All these features are what make up an effective lead generation landing page.

High Converting Lead Generation Landing Page


How do you get high conversion rates with your landing page? It is all in the details. Once you have chosen one of our landing page templates to work with, here are a few tips you can consider:

Contrast in Color


The colors can be used to direct your visitors to important parts of the landing page. Remember the Call-to-action button? Use color to make sure that it pops out from the rest so that every visitor is sure to see the submit option.

Be a Minimalist


The fewer things you have on the page the better. You may feel the urge to have more images on the page. Resist that urge.

As attractive as they are, having too much going on at once may confuse the visitors or distract them from the CTA button.

Furthermore, having more images may increase your loading time. A slow to load page is likely to get less traffic. People will get bored of waiting.

Social Proof

Lead Generation Landing Page

You are dealing with people who may not know your brand, thus have very little trust in you. Take advantage of testimonials from customers, reviews on social media or any other source.

Having a quote or two from satisfied clients allows you to gain credibility. The visitor will be made to feel more comfortable with the thought of leaving their email addresses.

Be Precise


This may be the most obvious tip yet. Visitors do not want to go through so many words just to get the point of what you are offering them.

They are there for a reason, so make sure that reason is clearly articulated in a precise manner. Skip the tales and get straight to the point.

Limit Actions to be taken by Visitor


You do not need a lot of information about your visitor. Having too many actions would feel like work to the visitor.

You want to make it look very easy, something that will cost them time and energy. Just an email address should suffice. A name may be okay too, to personalize emails sent to them in future.

Optimize for Mobile

lead Generation Landing Page

In the age of smartphones, it is wise to ensure that the landing page works in mobile phones as well. Are the words readable?

Is the CTA button compatible with mobile phone use? All these need to be answered to ensure that you do not lose leads from mobile phone users.



Good user experience is a requirement for a successful landing page. Other than being mobile friendly, it should also have fast loading time and ease of accessibility.  Use scarcity and urgency

Make the visitor feel the need to complete the action immediately lest they miss the chance. For instance, words like ‘limited slots available’ would create urgency. The visitors are less likely to put it off or ignore.

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